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06-21-05, 07:23 AM
hi my name is nathan i am 29 and live in kent , england
i havent been formally diagosied but have been told that i have adhd
which makes everything fit together
like a lot of peeps i done crap in lower school so they sent me off to boarding school for boys with emotional and educational behaviour problems
there it was just a luagh no work got do to much mucking around
well anyway i left school with nothing
at 21 i went to a special ed for adults center thats where i was told i had adhd well i left there with some exam passes
but i still cant get a doc to give me a formal diag'
all the answers i get is its a child thing
well i just got my girlfriend to agree to help me pay for a private doc so i may get somewhere this time i hope so
as i had a really bad hyper last night and i drove her mad she ended up going to my mothers in tears
so i really need to get this sorted
if you live in kent or surronding counties and know a good doc please pm me
thanks nathan (a.k.a skylark)

06-21-05, 08:10 AM
Welcome Nathan.
We are happy to have you here.

05-01-06, 02:42 AM
i do not understand ur problem really becoz i m just a kid now. but any way life is live just enjoy it