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09-08-17, 11:30 PM
I'll try to keep this short...

Went to doctor in January, took ADHD test, waited a month, went in to talk to doc. He pretty much said "You are borderline ADHD, maybe try some medication?"

A very hazy thing for a "professional" to say, nonetheless.

Start on Concerta 18mg ER, once a day. Holy ducking cow. I felt so clear headed, the fog was gone. I could think clearly, my mind was on a single thought track NOT jumping between thoughts, my memory improved, I focused easily and got shiz done. I was more active in my day to day life, general mood was boosted. For the first time in a long time, I felt that school (in college now) was feasible for me. I was a contender for good grades and people came to ME, of all people, for help with their compsci homework.

After 2 and a half months on the stuff, it all suddenly stopped. The meds didn't seem to be working anymore? I felt disinterested, unmotivated, emotionless. Not even TV or videogames were entertaining to me on the medicine.

Tried metadate ER and adderall ER to no avail. Took a vacation for about a month and a half due to a medical issue which I suspected was the cause of the problem (mono and a dysfunctional gallbladder), took 20mg of adderall after said vacation; same exact symptoms as described above, except for the 1st day. It seemed to help a bit on the first day, but not as much as clear headed as I had hoped.

I'm going to see a psychologist soon to get a, hopefully more confident/definitive, second opinion, but I wanted to get some thoughts/opinions from those who actually have ADD/ADHD. I frequently wonder if I was simply misdiagnosed and now I'm just "burned out" or something of the sort.

What do you all think could be the cause of the sudden hault in efficacy of ADHD medicine?

Thanks in advance for your time,

09-08-17, 11:46 PM
I am, hoping all physical reasons for the haziness was ruled out first

I am unsure what borderline ADD is - is it any kin to almost pregnant?

I would probably think mild ADD which may be treatable with external interventions such as assistance with organizing

The key word with medications is "feeling"

I have not felt my meds work in over a decade but they still work. It is just that I have been on them so long being medicated is natural for me now. I still have crap for a memory but with my improved brain chemistry I am aware that I am disorganized and have crap for a short term memory plus I can hold onto a thought long enough to invent simple organizational systems so I can keep up with what I am in the middle of what I have completed and what I need to start.

Second opinions .... nothing wrong with getting one.

09-09-17, 12:17 AM
I am, hoping all physical reasons for the haziness was ruled out first

I am unsure what borderline ADD is - is it any kin to almost pregnant?

I still feel hazy on the meds. I didn't use to, but I do ever since the end of the 2 months. Perhaps I was just in some kind of "superman mode" that some people refer to on various places I've read online? Although I didn't really feel like superman, I just felt functional.

When you started taking your meds, did you initially feel some sort of "superman mode" initially, then it faded?

I agree that the doctor's "diagnoses" was trash but it's all I've got to work with as of right now.

09-09-17, 01:08 AM
No I felt tired when I first started taking my meds They had to tweak my dosage a couple of times only to end up having to change my meds.

The "feeling" of meds wears off after taking them a while but that does not necessarily mean they stopped working. I use the razor analogy. When I first started shaving my legs felt all tingly and smooth. They felt differnt than they did before I began shaving them and it was noticable.

Over time the tingly feelings went away even though my razor was still working. The tingly feeling went away because I got used to not having any hair on my legs. Clean shaven became the norm so I no longer " felt it".

My medication worked much the same way. I no longer "feel them" but I can still name emotiones before acting on them. I do realize when I my mind wanders BEFORE it becomes apparent to every one else.

I notice when I am getting off track and can hold onto thought long enough to make a conscious decision as to how I want to deal with the distraction .... do I need a break or do I need to remind myself whyI need to stay focused. I can rememebr wht activity I am taking a break from.

Medications did not magically give me super human memory I am still a ditz but I know I have brain bubbles and I accept this while still understanding my employeer expects me to keep my crap togther long enough to keep paper and projects moving though the offie at a reasonable pace

I have systems in place to help me remember things like when my bills are due. All I have to do is to remember to look at my calander every day. Medication allowed the me ability hold onto thought long enough to see what my problems were and come up with solutions on how to deal with them.

This approach actually had a nice side effect. Because I loose interest so easily I am impatient I come up with quick simple solutions to keep up with things. In the process I found that my solutions worked well for others regardless of ADD status. I call myself the renagade ADDer because I am the one in our office who comes up with quick easy systems that keep things running smoothly.

When I started in the department the clerks took papers and plopped them on random desk they happened by which meant they usually got lost and project no matter how simple took a month if it got done at all. Angry patients were the norm...

I noticed the problem became annoyed used my annoyance to my advantage. I dug around found some of those wall file things stick them on the walls. Now the papers that come flying in our direction are put in one of the wall hangers that are clearly marked as to what type of paper work goes in there. It took me ridding some hiney and even resorting to taking piles of paper from my desk and transplanting them back onto the clerk's desk that failed to sort them properly.

Faxes for nursing go in one hanger while, paper orders that come form the doctors goes in another, Referals are put in thier own wall hanger that is placed in a locatation that the girls upstairs who collect them can see whether we have referrals to process with out having walk all the way down the hall. If they do they can retrieve them without having to wade through the mase of desks and folks working in our office.

The only papers on our desk now are the one we are actively working on.. no more piles ... All of this done on adderall I have not "felt" in decades but it still works by allowing me to. Now lost projects and unprocessed orders are the excpetion not the rule!

09-09-17, 01:13 AM
On stimulants I always got the opposite response.. there's no lack of activation at any point. I was hypersensitive to all the effects. This works uniformly for any drug with a stimulant effect.

But I am definitely ADD, that's for sure. Even with hypersensitivity. The point is that the effect of these stimulant meds cannot determine an ADHD diagnosis, or lack thereof, by itself.