View Full Version : My side effects from Desoxyn

09-10-17, 05:28 PM
It was actually pretty easy to get my psychiatrist to prescribe me this, since I've taken every adhd medication out there. She gave me 60 pills to take two times a day.

I'm only putting this here just in case anyone else experiences the same thing and are wondering about side effects:

I have muscle twitching, paranoia and insomnia. When I stopped taking Desoxyn for two days, I was anxious, walking around a lot, scratching my head touching my nose like a crack head.

It's not a horrible medication but I don't see anything special about it compared with all of the different adhd medications that I've taken.

This medication isn't good for motivation though, I think about all the stuff I want to do/should do, make a list. But, can't even get up to complete it.

It does help you focus and talk a lot (like most adhd medications do)

09-11-17, 04:54 PM
I most definitely had the paranoia going on (with Mayne version). I actually had better sleep with it though. In the end, it wasn't for me either. I always wonder if the brand would have been different tho, just like Dexedrine (brand) is superior in every way for me than the multitude of generics I've tried.

Were you taking a generic or brand Desoxyn? If generic, from which manufacturer?