View Full Version : Computer password all of a sudden doesn't work

09-12-17, 05:13 AM
I'm hoping to avoid a repair trip. I have an hp stream which is more like a notebook. The password I set isn't secret and I also set it to use a pin. My son borrowed the laptop yesterday to try and mess with his drone. I don't think he had any luck with it but now the password and pin doesn't work at all. On my account or daughters account and we are the only two who use it. I can't figure it out. When I clicked on password reset it said I needed to have a recovery disk for that function and I don't. In fact there are no disks at all with this computer(I know the term disk isn't literal but still). I had the computer wiped about a month ago and sort of re-set up by the daughters IT boyfriend so I'm just wondering if this ever happened to anyone else? Of course I'll ask the son when he gets up but it drove me nuts this morning so now I'm using my phone. I suppose guilting the daughters boyfriend again can be done; after all he does get to kiss her but I'm hoping it's something simple. I've checked caps lock. My password hint is the actual password. It doesn't lock you out no matter how many attempts there are so at least that's good.
Thanks guys.

09-12-17, 08:08 AM
Passwords don't change themselves. Either your son, or anybody else who had access to the laptop has went into the account settings in the control panel and changed the passwords.

If you can't find out what they have been changed to. You can order a recovery disk for the make and model of the notebook by contacting the manufacturer. Or if you have another system with a CD Drive, you can probably download a recovery ISO from their website and burn a recovery disk.