View Full Version : Teetering on the brink of unemployment

09-14-17, 01:48 AM
Looking for commiseration: College grad, strong moral compass, good work ethic, ADHD, f'ng always on the verge of unemployment. Restaurant dish washing, cooking, janitorial, hospital housekeeping, and finally a "professional" job as a sterile processing tech (cleaning and sterilizing surgical equipment.) After almost 2 years at this job, and 2 hospitals later, I've pretty much mastered the job, and my mind is getting bored senseless. I know the instruments. I can multi-task to no end. I am more knowledgeable and adept at both the job and management skills than my managers. I know more about the hands on experience and computer work than co-workers (due to my previous hospital being far advanced than my current rinky dink s-hole.) Without anymore to learn or problems to solve, my ADHD brain has decided to impulsively complain out loud about the slight indescrepencies in pay and petty power structures. Not only have I crossed the line several times with my complaints and personal attacks (usually in a sly sarcastic manner albeit,) but I now feel trapped by the darkness and miasma I have created in my own head and with the alienating affects of ****e talking my co-workers. I feel like there is no going back, and I'm ****t as usual. Any other ADHD professionals who can't help but shoot themselves in the foot?