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09-15-17, 10:00 PM
I have only been on adderal for almost three months. I have always been really athletic sports, basketball and cheerleading to be exact and tumbling. Then when I turned 13 started working out with my mom and haven't missed more than a week since then. Usually, I know my limits with food intake I can eat what I want for the most part but always just had to excercise because if I ever stopped excercising and continuing to eat what I want I would gain 5 lbs I swear in a few days. So I've always worked out. Always been told I look like I workout and take care of myself a lot of people always asked if I was a personal trainer.

That was before adderal. I haven't changed my workout, (I am a weights girl for the most part and have always loved having muscles .. unlike most women) I took pride in it. So I have continued lifting weights and doing my normal HIIT cardio and really my diet hasn't changed much at all. When people told me I would lose my appetite on adderral I was like no way hasn't happened yet. Of course I was only started on 10mg twice a day which I started off taking 5mg four times a day and made my way up to 10. so then I got prescribed 40 mg a day (10 mg four times a day) and I was like hey maybe this is when the appetitive suppression kicks in. Nope. Still eating what I want when I want and it hasn't decreased at all. However, I have noticed that a lot of my muscle has like went away...

I have dropped about 6 lbs which still isn't a lot compared to the people who have told me they dropped 6 lbs in a week my measley 6 lbs in 3 months ain't nothing lol, but I've noticed my ribs poke out... (once again, I have been this weight before that I am now but no bones etc poked out I could still actually see muscle, so I know it's not because I've dropped weight because I have been at this weight prior to this) but it's different this time. You can count my ribs, my hip bones protrude BAD like so bad I have ran into doors and walls (yeah I'm clumsy)-- not the point haha anyways I have ran into doors and walls and they poke out so far they are what hits first and gah does that hurt.

When I'm laying flat on my back I swear they stick out six inches Also , my Collar bones .. gah, looks like you could eat a Bowl of cereal off them because they are poking out so much and everything else around it caves in. (My bf tells me this all the time) and then my spine gah it's probably the worst I can feel each bone in my back of my spine. All the way down to my tailbone. And then my arms which I never thought would happen... muscle gone, I literally freak out when I touch my forearm because the bone pokes out and there is just like no meat on the bone lol if I can say that...

anyways, just wanted people's opionions. Like does adderral increase your metabolism to the point you can eat what you want and STILL lose weight.. but maybe I haven't lost as much as normal people since I'm still working out with weights ?? Has this happened to anyone? Also, could it be wasting away my muscle and making my bones protrude? Any advice would be apprecisted . Also I've lost only six pounds but have went down 2 jeans sizes.... maybe my scale is broken.

09-16-17, 06:09 AM
i think you need to see a doctor asap and maybe cut back with the working out until you do. Adderall does not make you lose weight, It cuts you appetite sometimes which can cause you to lose weight but it doesnt cause you to lose muscle. It certainly doesnt cause your bones to stick out. If adderall was going to cause your muscle mass to change it would have happened right away I would think. Keep eating well, slow down the workouts and see a doctor asap.

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09-16-17, 10:49 PM
The body will eat muscle before fat when the metabolism is working harder, going to have the eat more or deal with a little weight loss.

09-17-17, 03:40 AM
Are you sure you only lost 6 pounds? It seems weird that that amount of weight loss could produce such a drastic aesthetic change.

I definitely agree with sarahsweets that you should call your doctor's office asap, just in case. Try to eat more calories in the meantime :)

09-18-17, 10:07 PM
Yes. I Am positive it's only 6 pounds. I am big boned, so even when I'm up in weight sometimes my bones do stick out more than other peoples however, never like this. I've been the weight I am now before, and it wasn't like this. Today I wore a dress tank to work and someone told me it was grossing them out kind of hurt my feelings... but yeah that's how bad it is ... but the thing is imnnot that skinny. I weigh 121 and I'm 5'7 but I've always had that athletic build... so everyone has always said I look like I'm about 110... but right now, I am 121 ... which isn't unhealthy for me at all... it's just the bone thing kind of freaking me out

09-19-17, 10:11 PM
Maybe it's the composition of your body weight that's changing. For instance, maybe you lost 10 pounds of muscle, but gained 4 pounds of retained water weight, causing you to appear to have lost 6 pounds overall.

I think Adderall's weight effects are generally mediated through appetite suppression, but if your appetite and exercise is staying the same, then I guess mathematically it seems logical to conclude that it's your metabolism that's changing. Is the medicine raising your heart rate and/or blood pressure? Are you able to get good sleep at night? Maybe some specialist can help you. In particular, if your body is currently shedding muscle, there probably are some bioindicators that they can test, such signs of muscle byproducts in your urine or blood. Just my 2 cents. Ask your doctor.

09-21-17, 05:14 PM
Just left the dr, nurse told me I did look thinner ..(in a sweet way haha) but she's looked just as surprise as I was when I weighed and had only lost 6 lbs , just by the look on her face I could tell she was thinking the exact same thing I was. However, i am pretty sure I have lost fat and gained muscle which has made me look thinner but not actually lose much weight I guess who knows... all I want to eat is French fries but I eat a lot of French fries haha. Anyways, gave me 2 month script and said we were doing labs in 2 months anyways so I'm going to go ahead and ask my next question on here...

Does anyone else get tested regular on labs? They didn't really say exactly what he said he has a hart he goes by. I've tried reading up on it but couldn't find much. Like what are they testing for and how often is this going to happen? I've been going in once a month and getting my blood pressure checked and weight but that's it and this is the first time he's written two months at a time... and he said when I came back we were going to do some labs. No more detail than that. He did ask me again if he was the first docot that prescribed me adderral and I said yes. (I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist and given tensed before) but didn't like the way they did things and found him as a dr. So yes he was the first one to give me adderal , didn't know if this was lab tests to maybe see how this medication affects my system or what?

Thanks everyone !

09-21-17, 05:23 PM
Labs are just good clinical practice overall.

I get them each and every time, but then again, I am diabetic, so there are many things he is looking for related to that.

There isn’t anything he is looking for in regards to Dex, save abnormal blood pressure or pulse rate.


10-06-17, 09:04 PM
And yes Charles, it does increase my heart rate but my blood pressure isn't effected at all.. heart rate increasing mean metabolism is boosted?

10-06-17, 09:18 PM
Adderall can speed up your metabolic rate, causing your body to burn fat faster than normal. Combined with the range of cardiovascular activities that you're involved in, this will cause you to lose weight even faster.

My advice would be to cut down on the cardio and focus more on the weights. It will take quite a bit of time to find the right balance, but you'll soon be back on track again.

10-11-17, 01:13 AM
Adderall can speed up your metabolic rate, causing your body to burn fat faster than normal. Combined with the range of cardiovascular activities that you're involved in, this will cause you to lose weight even faster.

My advice would be to cut down on the cardio and focus more on the weights. It will take quite a bit of time to find the right balance, but you'll soon be back on track again.

This is really solid advice.

If you're lucky, the combination of building muscle + faster metabolic rate from Adderall might even help you with your physique!

Obviously, this isn't always the case...

But I bet it wouldn't hurt to have ADHD and be in the modeling industry...