View Full Version : Constantly snacking

09-16-17, 10:36 AM
Does anyone else feel inclined to always be eating something?

Perhaps it's symptomatic of autism, inattentive ADHD, depression,
chronic boredom or something else but I always seem to be snacking. It's been a problem my entire life; I can never seem to concentrate on something long enough before diving into the kitchen for something to nimble on. Thankfully I seldom eat junk food anymore but my inability to focus still inhibits me from doing anything with my life.

I can't help thinking my dosage of ritalin (currently 3 x 5mg a day) needs to be significantly increased as my concentration and motivation still remain extremely impaired.

09-28-17, 07:43 AM
Yes constantly. The only time I didn't feel like stuffing my face all the time was when I was on stimulants. They killed my appetite but they also made me less restless, sort of less stimulation seeking so that helped hugely.

I do eat junk. All the time. Right now it's at its worst but in my case also because I'm not getting enough sleep so I try to stay on my feet using food normally sugary stuff.

09-28-17, 09:25 AM
I used to, until I experienced a medical emergency that prompted me to drastically change all that I was consuming.

I was a junk food junkie, a drive-thru/frozen food frequent flyer, a Standard American Diet, caffeine, and sugar addict, and rarely, if ever, chose to dine on whole foods that were plant-based for almost all of the fifty years that's been my life, so far.

I also managed to top the scales at 324 lbs. before fully realizing the extent of the overall damage I was doing and the depths of the harm I caused myself. But yet my doc continued to say I was "healthy" based on my blood work. A laughable and rather disgusting approach now that I look back.

Now I'm a strict whole foods plant-based vegan consumer who rarely chooses anything artificial, as much as humanly possible, and it's made many improved changes in my world. Of course, it comes with it's own price to pay and a whole new set of challenges.

When I snack now, it has a purpose to either hydrate or genuinely nurture me, not just give my hands and mouth something to do or to silence the parasitic noises in my gut that I used to be convinced were actual hunger pangs. "Treats" can still be had, but I've redefined it to actually be a treat in how my body sees it rather than only accepting how my brain had been conditioned to see it.

I made those particular dietary and overall consumption changes overnight as a result of the only other option being to let them cut my body open and remove organs I was originally born with for a damn good reason.

Once I gave up meat, dairy, eggs, caffeine, alcohol, and gluten, and re-learned what my body can actually recognize, healthily work with, and healthily eliminate, it helped greatly curve my constant munching habits, especially on things that were causing me more harm than good and only serving to satisfy the taste bud region, alone.

I still backtrack on occasion and choose some of what I refer to as my favorite "crack" dishes/options, so much so that I gained back 30 of the pounds I lost, but am better able to redirect myself now that I can see it all for what it really is and what it was doing to me, both physically and mentally.

I learned that food is also very much a stimulant, and I was way overstimulated before I even thought about adding prescribed stimulant medication to the mix. The various meds I was prescribed didn't jive with my biology long-term thanks to unpleasant side effects, just like all those foods I mistakenly thought were the "right" (or at least safe and truly edible) choices all those years. It's been quite the learning experience, to say the least. Wishing you wellness in your journey.