View Full Version : panic disorder and adhd stimulants? Anyone take stims and is there anxiety ok?

09-18-17, 07:22 AM
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I have always been on strattera for adhd because i am too scared of stimulants.

Strattera cures my anxiety and panic while i take it, but only does minimal for my adhd symptoms.

dr is going to try me on a stim, but as soon as i stop strattera my panic disorder will come back.

caffiene gives me panic attacks when im not on strattera.

i can only imagine a stimulant will be the biggest panic attack of my life.

Anyone have panic disorder before using stimulant adhd meds and do ok once on stimulants? was your anxiety amplified or the same?

Anyone on strattera and stimulants?
Can that be safely done? i will ask my dr.


09-28-17, 03:51 PM
Well, I will share my experience with you but remember that everyone responds so differently to medications so I do think that as someone with a history of panic attacks and anxiety, you are smart to be cautious. I think it's definitely worth trying though, because sometimes you might be surprised. I would just make sure your doctor knows your history with anxiety and be slow and careful with dosage. Also, are you on or have you considered taking another med with your ADD medication that is specifically meant to target the anxiety you have?

In my experience, I actually feel MUCH better anxiety wise, being on dexedrine. I started taking effexor back in January, before I started back on dexedrine, because I was getting relentless panic attacks and anxiety. It made a huge difference and the panic attacks mostly went away but still came every once in a while, and didn't completely get rid of the general feeling of anxiety I always had. So, when I started on dexedrine again I was sure I would end up with anxiety and panic attacks again, I remember taking it when I was younger and no panic attacks but definitely felt edgy and irritable. To my surprise, it worked great and the synergy between my effexor and dexedrine was the perfect combo. Since taking dexedrine, I no longer drink coffee, I used to drink it every day. Caffeine gave me WAYYYY worse anxiety and I didn't even realize how much. It's so funny to me that I am on speed now and I don't get anxiety at all, but caffeine gives me a ton.

09-28-17, 04:18 PM
Dexedrine does wonders for my anxiety.


10-11-17, 08:26 AM
Update: so i started on 5mg am/pm for a few days, then went to 7.5 am/pm, and now i am on my 3rd day of dex 10mg am/pm.

Overall, it has actually reduced my anxiety. . I was imagining stimulants to be like caffeine (caffeine is a sure fire way to send me into a full blown panic attack).
So weird.

I did notice my heart beating fast and i was a little shaky at one point, but i think i was partially dehydrated and hadn't eaten much. I actually keep foregtting to eat. So weird. Just not hungry at all. 2 days ago it was 6pm and my stomach hurt and was makong loud noises. I sat and thought about it... I hadnt eaten ANYTHING simce 7am that morning ��. I have never done that before.

Anyways, going off topic. I think dex is good for anxiety.