View Full Version : panic disorder and adhd stimulants? Anyone take stims and is their anxiety ok?

09-18-17, 07:28 AM
I have always been on strattera for adhd because i am too scared of stimulants.

Strattera cures my anxiety and panic while i take it, but only does minimal for my adhd symptoms.

dr is going to try me on a stim, but as soon as i stop strattera my panic disorder will come back.

caffiene gives me panic attacks when im not on strattera.

i can only imagine a stimulant will be the biggest panic attack of my life.

Anyone have panic disorder before using stimulant adhd meds and do ok once on stimulants? was your anxiety amplified or the same?

Anyone on strattera and stimulants?
Can that be safely done? i will ask my dr.


09-19-17, 04:22 AM
There are other meds you can take with stimulants to help with that and not all of them are the typical benzos like xanax. There is buspar and clonidine for example.