View Full Version : Concerta AND Asacol AND Colitis (CU)

09-19-17, 06:25 AM
Do anyone have experience, do those have any effect on absorbtion of each other?
I'm using Asacol 800x2 in the morning and same dosage before bedtime.
Could Colitis prevent absorption of Concerta at latest phase?

Now it's my 4th day of Concerta 18mg(actually generic version). I take it about 7:30. I feel a bit "clearer" about 3 hours. Then comes some tiredness and tightness at chest. Helps a bit after another 3 hours. Last evening chest was very tight at 20:00. And a little more hearbeats than usually.
Normal when starting Concerta? Need bigger dose? Next Saturday moving to 2*18mg in the morning...if doc doesnot tell something else...