View Full Version : does negative ionizers work?

09-19-17, 01:44 PM
Negative Ions Benefits For Your Health ( mArG_%7E_PcSArtnGvIr-vBAF-orArsvGF_%7E_PcS)

The list of health benefits are too good to be true. Has anyone here ever tried one before?

10-02-17, 11:19 AM
Short answer - no.

Long answer - **** no.

This is pseudoscientific bs. A deionizer is something you use to take salt out of water to make it drinkable. Any other claims are lies used to sell useless contraptions to the scientifically illiterate. You may as well put magnets in your shoes or rub mustard on the tip of your nose. Neither of these things is going to do anything for you.