View Full Version : Biphentin upped dosage still not working?

09-21-17, 08:24 PM
It takes months to get into my doctor, so I just wanted to see if I could be proactive and get some advice here.

As an adult(a bit overweight too), this is my first time on ADD medicine. I started taking the "starting dosage" (30mg) of biphentin a few months ago, but it only seemed to work during the first 2-3 days.

I have since went to my followup appointment and my doc upped my biphentin from 30mg to 60mg, and basically had the same results (2-3 days).

I have another appointment coming up. The maximum dosage is 80mg, which is only a 20mg difference.. Do you guys think its worth trying the 80mg? (which will result in waiting around another 2 months)

Heck I dont even have a real diagnosis of ADD. Well.. i did when I was like 6 years old anyways. But ive noticed for as long as I can remember, issues with constantly re-reading sentances over and over when trying to write something, and sometimes with reading. And I feel like I have issues focusing/concentrating.

So sometimes lately I question whether or not a really have it. Or if I need different medication. It seems to work with I first start takinf it (or higher dosages). Its like it fills me with energy for the first couple days and it seems like I can think better. But not sure if its placebo.

I also though maybe the medication hasnt been working properly because of my weight or not getting enough exercise (tired a lot in the last year), but ive been exercising a lot lately, losing weight and cutting out carbs.. But no luck, even days when im not tired.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

09-22-17, 05:26 AM
You dont lose your childhood diagnosis of adhd. It only gets worse. Maybe its the wrong med.