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09-21-17, 11:48 PM
Anyone here ever use Teva, Sandoz and Corepharma 10mg IR generic adderall? Or if not, just Corepharma and Sandoz?

The entire Corepharma IR adderall line was discontinued as of May 2017... I didn't find out about this until a few weeks ago. I'd assumed pharmacies were switching to cheaper brands.
Corepharma IR adderall works wonderfully for me, all the positive effects and rarely the negative side effects.

Teva barely works for me... It made me often drowsy and it wore off extremely quickly. I felt like I needed to take more.

Sandoz I have not yet tried and I'm trying to find a place that carries it.

I've also tried Aurobindo which was absolutely horrid, I also have some Mallincrodckt (which i've heard is just as bad as aurobindo).

Corepharma in my experience gives more of a "kick" than other brands. It makes me feel energized, motivated and puts me in a good mood. I require the "kick" otherwise I don't feel the effects very much.
My doctor prescribed me some adderall XR as well, and I've been trying that.
It doesn't affect me much and it normally just gives me really bad anxiety. Even if im calm and sitting at my computer and nothing bad has happened, I will feel extremely anxious.

I'm getting a bit desperate as adderall has really turned around my academic success, I feel like without it... I'll be going back to my highschool GPA of 1.5. (I have a 3.9 in College right now)

Anyone try any generic brands that are similar to Corepharma? I know its a bit different for everyone. I just want to have an idea of what the affects *might* be, before I pay out of pocket again for medication.
My insurance only covers one fill every ~25 days.

Thank you

09-22-17, 04:53 AM
Sandoz also operates under the name of EON laboratory.

09-22-17, 06:33 AM
Up until a couple days ago I took 10mg Sandoz. It worked for me the way you describe Corpharma working for you up until the last month or 2. Idk if it changed, or if it was me that changed, but I was regressing back to my old scatterbrained self and always had a headache, fatigue and I was so moody- angry, sad, just bad mood. I also felt it was speedy as in it elevated my bp and made me light headed, and my appetite was nil. Stomach upset, too. My doctor changed me to 15 mg IR and I was given a brand called Mylan. It has been great so far, but I have been using this less than a week.

I have only taken 1/2 IR at a time as I like smaller more frequent doses, but I no longer have a headache every day, no more light headedneas and speedy feeling is gone. No longer fatigued, my mood is better, I have the energy to find my motivation and most importantly, I can focus again. I feel like I was all over the place at the end of my Sandoz days. I was forgetting things and messing up, completely regressing. All of the negative s/e are gone. Just get dry mouth, but I don't mind drinking a lot of water.

The only other brand I have taken is Teva, and that was a year ago, only once did I get that brand. It was good since it was my first time trying this medication, bit definitely weaker than Sandoz and Mylan.

As you said, we all react differently, and 10mg Mylan may be different than 15 mg, but Mylan is the best I have had.

09-22-17, 08:58 AM
Thanks! I suppose i'll just have to look around and try different brands.
Its extremely frustrating and I'm getting anxious as my Corepharma pills are getting used up...

Really wish they'd standardize this more, there's a dozen different generic brands and they all seem to work differently on everyone, a bit ridiculous if you ask me :(

09-22-17, 10:11 AM
Yea, standardized GOOD product would be nice. I would say go into it open minded. I was very worried about Mylan, but it turned out great! Don't read reviews, either. I made that mistake before I tried it for myself, lol.

09-22-17, 03:10 PM
Yea, standardized GOOD product would be nice. I would say go into it open minded. I was very worried about Mylan, but it turned out great! Don't read reviews, either. I made that mistake before I tried it for myself, lol.

You are absolutely correct about this. A number of times I have read reviews about a particular generic before taking it, and if they were negative I would almost always experience the same issues. whether perceived or real. Remember the comments you see on this site and others are but a very small sampling of the total number of persons actually taking a particular Adderall generic.

Unfortunately there is another factor that needs to be taken in to account. If a particular generic works well for you the first time it may not in future, because I do believe the generic manufactures of Adderall have issues with their quality control. They may still be within the parameters of the FDA guidelines but just a change in the type of filler used can effect the way one reacts to the drug.

10-05-17, 08:40 AM
Corepharma IR was the most effective for me... I'm bummed it isn't around anymore!

Never ends
10-12-17, 09:47 AM
I got 15 teva and 15 sandoz both 10 mg IR and I really like sandoz so far.

10-12-17, 09:51 AM
Update on the Mylan brand 15mg. Very happy with its effectiveness and the only s/e I notice is dry mouth. Not ever bothersome, I just carry water around.

10-13-17, 07:18 AM
Currently on Teva ir 20mg X2 a day, yesterday was first day and I feel like I didn't take anything. This could be because I read bad things about it before taking my dose and I've been under a lot of stress and emotional stuff going on.
Was on CorePharma ir 20mg 2x day and it worked greqt, very smooth, no crash, focus was great. Yes CorePharma/Ipax no longer making generic adderall it, I called them.
Mallincrodckt ir 20mg 2x day was the worst thing I've ever put in my mouth, fell asleep 1 hour after taking dose, acid reflux horrible, confusion, unable to recall day and month it was that day, unable to carry a conversation due to brain going 100 miles an hour. Turns out I most likely had an allergic reaction to one of the Inactive ingredients provadone, it's used in iodine and I'm highly allergic to.
CVS in the Massachusetts areas seems to have Teva and Sandoz, the CVS in Target only has Teva.

Never ends
10-14-17, 02:32 PM
Ok so I tried this teva twice now and it’s junk, geeks me out and makes very very tired and lazy feeling.

Out of millincrodt?, teva and sandoz, I like the sandoz the best.

10-28-17, 01:01 AM
Anyone tried Mylan Adderall IR? I did some research, and their ANDA was approved by the FDA in late February

Little Missy
10-28-17, 05:08 AM
I hate Teva so much now. 20 mg - nothing. I either want to sleep or cry but I can't work up any tears so I just sleep on it. Same reaction with less of it.

I was complaining so much about the Sandoz but if I took a small half of a 10 I could tell. I'd give about anything for Sandoz back. I never imagined Aurobindo taking over every pharmacy here practically. Druggist sees no change until after the first of the year. :eek:

I should be grateful for the Teva but the headache, the moods, no care, nothing, and that sickly sweet taste. I was going to switch back to Dex but I caught the doc on the Wrong Day. He proclaimed "no shortage" because the pharms are swamped with Auro and no one will buy it. I'm guessing my next visit will be timed to their next long trip when I have their dogs. He'll be compliant by then.

Oh! Swissy likes the Mylan if that's any help.

Little Missy
10-28-17, 05:16 AM
I have never experienced a shortage and I'm over a month in now and I don't want to do anything. This is really bad. Teva gives me heartburn too and I've never had that before.

Little Missy
10-28-17, 05:29 AM
Update on the Mylan brand 15mg. Very happy with its effectiveness and the only s/e I notice is dry mouth. Not ever bothersome, I just carry water around.

maybe my druggist can get Mylan

10-28-17, 09:18 PM
maybe my druggist can get Mylan

Still happy. I get good focus and am much happier, able to deal with curve balls and I actually remember to do things in a timely manner. I had been having headaches every day last week, but I think I wasn’t getting enough water. After a few days of making an effort to drink more they subsided. I hope you find something that works for you.