View Full Version : Poor experience with Adderall/Vyvanse and looking for opinions on Concerta

09-25-17, 05:53 PM
So I've been taking Adderall and Vyvanse for my ADD (note I don't have any hyperacrivity problems). I started off with Vyvanse and then moved on to Adderal but both have given me the same issues.

Basically, both do nothing at low dosages for my concentration but give me side effects, and at higher dosages the side effects are out of control.

In particular, I sweat profusely, I have erectile dysfunction problems and also my hair falls like it's shedding (I'll lose hundreds of hairs a day), and that's at low dosages. It's pretty clear as well, when I'm not on Adderall none of those problems exist.

Anyway, I spoke to my doctor and I asked about Dexedrine but he told me that if I responded that badly to Adderall and Vyvanse Dexedrine probably wouldn't be any different.

So, he suggested and I'm looking into Concerta. Thing is that it seems to have a bad reputation online, so I'm wondering what people who take think it's like and if it gives them the same side effects I listed above.

09-26-17, 04:37 AM
I dont believe that poor response to adderall means dex would be the same Adderall contains levoamphetamine and dex is just amphetamine,