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09-28-17, 09:42 PM
Hey all,

I am a 32 year old medical professional. I work in cardiac diagnostics in a busy hospital. Previously I was in the infantry.

As a kid I did well in school until I hit about 8. I began to have to behavioral problems, bugging my sister every time there was a commercial on TV or getting me to do chores or homework was I nightmare for both myself and my parents. My dad would be on me every evening to get me on my homework. Practicing for spelling tests was hell. My sister who was 2 years younger than me would get the words down and meanwhile I would be frustrated messing up after hours of trying. To this day I still have a very hard time spelling words correctly. Thank god for squiggly red lines under my text! That said I was always in brainy stuff. I loved astronomy and science. I have above average intelligence but was always too "lazy" to apply it to school. IQ tests I have done when I joined the forces put me in the 140's (they tried to talk me out of infantry and perusing something more technical, I declined because I wanted to blow stuff up lol).

In high school I became very rebellious and was eventually kicked out. I went into alternative school, got kicked out because of my behavior and contempt I had (still have) to authority. So I joined the army (I know right! authority problem in the army, that's going to work out great :) ). Well I did pretty good but yes I got in **** all the time. I really do hate being told what to do, especially if I think I know a better way to do whatever it happens to be.

After the army, I enrolled in a cardiac sciences program. I struggled to stay focused and complete assignments. I was leaving things to the last day for the entire program. I would have to leave my house away from distractions, get a large coffee and cram for exams at a beach in my car. This always worked for me, after lots of little breaks. I did quite well with grades but I did not focus myself on it and did the bare minimum. On my registration exam, I crammed and finished the test an hour before any of the others writing. I ended up getting an award for getting the highest grade in my province. This sounds great and all but if it wasn't for picking up things quickly, I would never have got this far.

Things at home are hard for my girlfriend, I have troubles remembering to do chores, giving her attention, getting distracted in my favorite game Ark, which eats hours of my free time. I am 2 years behind in my taxes, last time it was 3 years before I finally got around to it. I hate making appointments. I have paperwork phobia at work and avoid it at all costs. I love the adrenaline aspects of my job, working in traumas and codes. Put me in front of a computer to do data entry and I shut down. I get grumpy and irritable. I end up giving up and wandering off. The thing is I work with my gf and she is on me for this, so there is no escape from her judgments which follow me home.

I decided to seek help.

In June I was referred to a psych after bringing up that I thought I may have ADD with my GP. I explained to the psych the issues above. He at first said he doesn't think I have ADD because of the success I have had at getting a good job/education. He still prescribed me Ritalin.

I feel like my brain is on for the first time. I am not irritable at people for requesting me to do things. I want to help where before I wanted to run. I can think without this fog that used to be there(that feeling when you first wake up but would never go away for most of the day). I can type this whole story where before, I would be googling the difference between light tuna and white tuna or whatever weird thought that would pop in my mind. I just always thought kids with ADHD were those hyper kids(which I am not). I don't know if this makes sense to anyone or similar to their experience. After I explained this on my follow up he agreed that there was something with regards to an attention disorder and gave me a 4 month rx. I just wonder if any of this really fits with ADD.

09-28-17, 09:54 PM
Brother of another mother!

Um, yes, it does. ;)

And it was enjoyable reading. :)


09-29-17, 03:19 AM
Thanks for the reply and insight. Glad my story wasnt a bore. It's weird just coming to grips with this after 32 years of never quite clicking with normal people. It's really hard viewing the world differently than most people while in the end still wanting to be as successful at life as they are. I feel like i have arrested development in regards to maturing and wanting to move down that white picket lifestyle. Im scared to death of living a bored domesticated life with no stimulation. I hope that makes sense...

10-01-17, 08:34 AM
Yes it does sound quite like an ADHD story, given the lack of concentration and struggles with brain activity where you’re constantly switching from one thought to another. I’m exactly the same with the thought switching and brain fog, I manage it mostly as I love what I do and have a natural talent for it.

Some parts of your story don’t really guarantee ADHD diagnosis, like what your psych said “He at first said he doesn't think I have ADD because of the success I have had at getting a good job/education”. Well anyone can be successful in a career if they put the effort in, and that counts for ADHD people as well, easily. I know very clever and academic people who have no career aspects or ambitions and they don’t have ADHD.

So hopefully he Ritalin will help you out with concentration, give it time to work. I remember when I was in school and was on Ritalin and during the time the drug was working I had immense concentration abilities because Ritalin is a stimulant.

10-01-17, 11:04 AM
Makes sense.Glad you didnt listen to that nonsense about doing well in school and not having adhd.