View Full Version : Impax vs Prasco (in my experience)

09-29-17, 09:12 AM
Hi everyone,

I have been using Impax for few months. Impax 15mg XR was my sweet spot.

This month, the same pharmacy, said that they had to order my prescription. I picked it up and it was Prasco 15mg XR. Since I had read good things here about Prasco, I didn't think much about it.

I took it, and no focus..pretty much nothing. I thought, "Oh crap, do I need to speak to my doc again about a dose change?" Yesterday, I had a lot of paperwork that I NEEDED to finish. The Prasco was only helping me to fall behind.

I had 2 of the Impax 10 mg XR left. I took one of those to help complete my paperwork.

For me, the Impax helps and is a good fit. The Prasco does nothing at all to help. I'm screwed for the rest of the month.

Yes, the Impax TEN was more helpful than the Prasco FIFTEEN.

I plan to speak to the pharmacist and ask if he/she could make sure that my prescription is Impax. I have no idea if my request is possible, but I will ask.