View Full Version : Psychiatrists that only prescribe Ritalin/Concerta?

10-01-17, 05:20 PM
Hi all

What is your experience with psychiatrists who only prescribe methylphenidate based stimulant meds? IE, Ritalin/Concerta?

I'm starting to think that the area where I'm at(Metro Detroit) that adults with ADHD are not even CONSIDERED for any kind of ampthenamine based stimulant treatment! I've been on Strattera and Ritalin for like 9-10 months now, and I feel that just changing up the kind of methylphenidate I receive is pretty lame

So are there just doctors/psychiatrists who will NOT prescribe Adderall? Honestly I have 9-10 months of taking other meds so I'm kind of surprised that out of three psychiatrists, none would allow me to try it out

10-02-17, 09:26 AM
I dont know why that is considering vyvanse and adderall xr are both approved for adultsn with adhd. Have you asked why they wont consider something with tons of proven science to back it up?

10-02-17, 11:32 PM
Maybe try.. Asking?

If the methylphenidate class isn't working for you that is.