View Full Version : House cleaner?

10-01-17, 06:59 PM
Hi everyone!! :grouphug:

I've had a really busy month, crazy amounts of work at school and then gone on the weekends for gigs. Oh my gosh. It's almost done and I am looking forward to down time.

BUT I've been thinking: I'd really like to get a house cleaning service into my apartment every now and then. I can afford it I think and it would help me feel less stressed, especially when I've got these months where I travel a lot.

Do any of you have a cleaning service come by? Where do I even look for this?? Any other thoughts or suggestions?

10-01-17, 09:17 PM
We do. Our housekeeper comes twice a week.

Look on thumbtack if you have that where you are or ask people for referrals.

10-09-17, 04:31 PM
Yes! Hiring a house cleaner is amazing, and usually worth every penny.

For the best prices, you might want to work with an "independent" cleaner who accepts cash.

More reputable cleaning businesses will be more expensive, but they'll conduct background checks, have insurance, and things like that.

Totally up to you to pick whichever option you like best!