View Full Version : Endless saga of Willow's dating life: 4? Bipolar!

10-01-17, 08:29 PM
OKOK I think there might be some sitcom characters based on me.

And I also feel like posting on here might be jinxing myself ;) ;)


No but, yeah, well. OK so I've been going on dates with this guy for a little over a month. I want to share and I like to write.

TL;DR - and this isn't really even the right forum really but...well I feel comfortable here! I know very little about Bipolar disorder. ADHD dating Bipolar 2 - that's not a total mess right?! ;) ;) Kidding kidding, I mean, I know it depends on the people. I just wonder what your experiences are, if you have any. /Is/ there anything I should expect? hmmm...

He's very sweet, thus far very respectful, kind, thoughtful. He's more like Ced than the others I think, like the quiet thoughtful type, honest, strong principles but not overbearing either. He was a little shy/reserved at first but I think whether this works or not, this is a REALLY nice person in front of me right now. (Ced was like that too, to me, like, I don't know if you like me AT ALL you sweet quiet thing but I kind of want to soak you up so maybe we can like write letters or something??) But he's much more relaxed and bubbly now which is 1. super cute and 2. a relief because I overwhelm the permanently quiet types. Which is HEARTBREAKING!! And sometimes the quiet types underwhelm me.

He was also in a longterm relationship! Like for uuuh well I think like 3 years or more. So like he understands from experience how longterm relationships take commitment and communication! Whoohoo!! Like that's a thing we can talk about!

Anywho, he has been very upfront with me about mental health stuff. He had a huge amount of anxiety as a kid, which then became depression as he got older, definitely family history...and he has been trying to treat that for the past year, in therapy+various meds. But, his therapist is starting to get some understanding of some of his other symptoms and life patterns and re-evaluated and determined he actually has Bipolar 2. So quick-get-off-anti-depressants-and-on-correct-medications...

That was last weekend. :eek: It seems he was sort of expecting that it maybe wasn't just depression, and the psychiatrist thought from the get-go it was bipolar apparently but...anyways. So it wasn't a huge shock to him but, still, he was a little like, I was hoping it wasn't that.
Side note: Yikes the change of medications was not easy. Oh man. I skip taking Adderall whenever I feel like it, I don't get withdrawal like that. He really is so sweet, like, he doesn't complain, but just kinda stopped eating and sleeping there for a couple days. Ya know. And he felt so bad about having to take time off work...oh man. Poor guy.

He has been very dutifully reading all about Bipolar 2 and he's got this book with worksheets and tips and strategies and he's been looking through that. And like I said, he definitely talks to me about it, and I'm glad that he feels comfortable with that. I feel like I can identify with where he is right now, all these moments of realizing how this has been playing out in his life. ... and his family .... yeah! I can identify.

We were congratulating ourselves on being SLIGHTLY less impulsive with getting physical since we both have impulsivity as part of our certified crazy ;) ;) The therapists would be so proud :giggle::giggle:

I asked him for a book to read too so, I've got that to peruse through as well.

Anyways. Thoughts or cookies welcome.