View Full Version : 5 days ativan use and withdrawal

10-01-17, 09:06 PM
I've been on ativan for a week,I had 4 horrible anxiety attacks that sent me to the ER three times last week,i was given ativan two of those times.i took a 1 mg dose for 4 days then today cut the pill in half,and will take the other half tomorrow,will I still have withdrawal symptoms after just one week of use or 5 days of use

10-01-17, 09:08 PM
I took a 1mg dose last Wednesday last Tuesday,Thursday and Friday and a half dose that enough to cause withdrawal?

10-01-17, 09:14 PM
Doubtful. You should be fine to stop as that's such a low dose. Have you talked to your psychiatrist or a pharmacist about it?