View Full Version : Style?

10-04-17, 08:13 PM
There's a certain way I do my job. It's not the most conventional way, but it gets the job done.

My boss thinks I should be doing it differently-HIS way. Trouble is, his way just doesn't work for me. HIS way, while he thinks it's more thorough, is just really more time consuming.

I like to bounce through my job. I don't put much emphasis on methods ( ironic, since I'm a United Methodist) , just whatever gets it done. And I DO get it done. I'm trying to adapt to his way-and it's just a cleaning job- but doggone it, I KNOW how to run a sweeper! I almost lost my temper last night. I'm NOT insubordinate! So I like to sing while I'm dust-mopping!?

My style is move fast, but pay attention to detail.