View Full Version : Vyvance troubles

10-04-17, 09:32 PM
I just started vyvance a couple days ago but my body was just getting numb all over so I stoped. I thought itíd go away and somewhat it has but a day later and Iím still pretty numb and canít taste as well. Iím not sure whatís going on and also my appetite is still less than normal besides being off it for a little over 24 hours. Maybe I sound dumb or inexperienced here but thatís only cause I am, but Iím kinda freaking out and canít find anything online of whatís going on?

10-04-17, 11:37 PM
Welcome to the forum and call your doctor.

10-05-17, 02:03 AM
Yeah that sounds like an unusually severe and long-lasting reaction, and potentially serious. You should seek medical attention right away just to be safe.