View Full Version : Don't do well with change

10-06-17, 12:36 PM
So the job where I have been at for 18 years was purchased by a private equity firm and the first thing they do is change every thing I do and how I do it. I was good and comfortable with what I was doing. Now they want all these reports and analytics and I stink at that. The rigid structure and new rules have taken all the passion and fun out of what I do. I'm struggling big time. I'm confused and I'm trying to learn all these new policies and I'm not doing well. (Reminds me of school as a kid, everybody else gets it and moves on and I'm the lone person struggling) The other thing is we had such a good team of people and we worked very well as a team supporting and working with each other. That is all being separated systematically as they have new roles and responsibilities. I have this internal fight with myself about leaving or staying. Basically the only reason I'm still here is one, they haven't fired me yet, but the real disappointment is I'm only here for the money now. I promised myself that I would never do that. I feel like a sell out and I'm not happy and because I have no skill at hiding my emotions everyone knows. I'm not even sure if I'm asking for help or just venting. I hate when my emotions go to the dark side. It is the ugly part of me that I do not like. Bad things happen when I go there.