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06-22-05, 06:06 PM
so im 19 ... and ive been not living at home for basically 2 years ... though this summer i am.

I am also in the middle of trying to find right meds and fix this whole screwed up ordeal i created. I have a theripist and a psycholigist, both only for the summer though because ill be moving at the end of augest, but the psychologist told me last week that i go beyond her training and that she can no longer help me. (this is after the 3rd visit) The reason she cant help me i dont totally understand but ive been diagnosed with adhd since i was 7 or 8 ... 2 years ago i started college and realzing i needed help/meds... to make a long story short ive tried basically all the adhd meds that are out there with little luck from any. I also forgot to tell the psychologist that i was addicted to the addreall for a year and took outragous amounts and since no dosage of addreall affects me.

With that info she descided to refer me elsewhere ... that makes me feel bad ... she doesnt want to waste my time anymore and she wants me to go to a special ahdh place and also get an evalutaion.

Dear god i feel like a hopeless case here .... meanwhile i have to have my parents take me there, and they dont really dnerstand what the issue is, and why they cant help me there, and whats so wrong with me ... all i can say is im crazy , i dunno ,,,, plus seeing how i havent lived at home for a while they really dont know how i am and how i act, so my dads like geez calm damn wild women, sit down and rest ,,, or jsut the questions of someone who doesnt know jack about my situation, i try to explain but they dont even understand what has been going on with me these past few years, nor do i want them to now(my addiction and whatnot).

So its hard to deal with finding a psychologist for my doc to refer me to who takes my insurance, then act normal at home ... then act normal and consistant at work.

In fact ive been working at this job for 3 weeks now and ive gotten along wih everyone well but i was called cocky!!! (i cook and whatnot) Cocky!!!! of all things i feel like that is the last thing i should be called. I guess maybe on the outside it looks like that but not on the inside and my intentions are not to be that way people take me the wrong way and its just ahh!!!!

I keep my relationships short and move around alot because i fear after sometime people wont like me, ill be too much , im constantly changing .. like i am as i type this all .... i just dont know how to except and explain all this too people who know me, cuz its affecting everything in my life largely and i cant keep sayin im crazy n wut not,,, i dont know, maybe i can

06-22-05, 09:09 PM
You are not crazy, you are just bummed out.
Hi there. :)
I think you will be better with a more experienced psychologist and most certainly an ADD specialist, yupyup. Really.
You don't want to stay with someone who feels at a loss for better treatment for you. You shouldn't take that as rejection, if that is what you are feeling. She is most likely doing you a big big favor.

As to being called cocky....ouch. That took a bite out of you but you were misread because you are down right now and under stress.

Explaining ADD won't be as hard if you continue reading the posts here on this forum. And educate yourself as to how others handle it socially. I have learned so much here and am learning how to talk to people about it still. And those I have discussed it with are very accepting.

I hope you work towards getting a good referral soon. And I hope you will check back in with us and tell how you are progressing as well. :)