View Full Version : Epival + Vyvance users out there?

10-18-17, 01:26 PM
I am on Epival and just started Vyvance. Just wondering if there where some other folks on this combination. It is only my second day at 20mg with the Vyvance so I am sure how it will feel once I reach the target dose.

10-19-17, 04:56 AM
Do you have bipolar?

Shannon L.S.
10-19-17, 02:03 PM
I am currently on 750 mg of Epival, with 40 mg of Vvanse daily for ADHD combined type and Bipolar 2.

I have found that 30 mg once a day dosing of the stimulant medications has created an increased level of mania that is productive in terms of physical work (house cleaning, etc) but aggravates my hyper focus on things I enjoy.

Anything above this (40mg or up once a day) leads to rashes, agitation, hostility, cravings, and drug seeking behaviour.

Currently I am at 20 mg, twice a day dosing. I am able to think and process concepts ie: make mental lists and connections but I am deeply within my own head and unable to converse with others or form sentences to type my thoughts out until the dosing begins to wear off.

I was weight neutral when I began the Epival in May, and began to lose weight rapidly with the introduction of Vyvanse in late June. It's currently at a 47 pound loss and continuing to drop. The appetite suppression is challenging and requires concentrated effort to achieve daily calorie needs if you didn't struggle with overeating prior to beginning.