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06-26-05, 09:50 AM
I'm hoping to have my first yard sale in a week.

I got a great idea from a magazine that the pricing can be made simple. All books .50, all children's clothes $1, etc.

1) my yard sale will fall on July 3rd. Is that a terrible time to do it? Or with the long weekend enough people will be wandering around looking for something to do it'll be fine?

2) how much stuff makes a yard sale worth while? As soon as I confirm my date I'm going to let my neighbors know about it so they can contribute if they like. I got a couple of friends to enter a few items (of course they get the money). but I don't have oodles of stuff. If I spread it out it'll look good. It will take up a table and a large tarp, and about 3 large items (wardrobe, record table and playpen).

What do you think?
I'm not looking to make lots of money. Just get rid of stuff and maybe afford a large pizza when I'm done. I'm going to freecycle the leftovers. ( if you aren't familiar)

06-26-05, 10:15 AM
You have the right attitude going into the garage sale: Just to get rid of it.

If you have large items though, like furniture or electronics, price them a little higher than you would be willing to sell them for. People that do garage sales want to haggle. It makes them feel like they "got a deal".

The best advice I can give you to make your sale a success?

SIGNS! Make them bright, easy to read, set them up at 6am: Put up signs made of bright construction paper with black marker that just say Yard Sale with an arrow.
They should be easy to see and placed at EVERY busy intersection near your neighborhood. Of course, they should also be placed at the proper corners to direct traffic to your house. Don't give an address.

06-26-05, 10:24 AM
I agree with the signs. We always park our car at the end of our street which crosses a major road. We put a big sign on our car window so that people driving by will see it even if they weren't out for a yard sale. Balloons are good too. Our local police dept (whom are wonderful by the the way) spend their Friday nights and Saturday mornings taking down yard sale signs, which are prohibited in our area.

I am not sure how a yard sale will go on a Holiday weekend.

Just have big containers ready and if it doesn't go as well as you hoped, you could just box everything up and put it aside for another yard sale. That is what we do.

We usually have 2 yard sales per year. We just had one 3 weekends ago on a Saturday and made $710. ($500 was from selling one of those gokarts that has rowbars etc...) so, not counting that, we made $210, which was good.

We weren't very organized this last time though. We had to get the ad into the newspaper by Monday night at 6pm so that it would be in the local paper on Wednesday which shows the Wednesday and Saturday yard sales. I left this simple task up to my adhd in denial sister, who said that she doesn't do anything at work all day and could do that task for me. Well, she forgot to do it.

So we had a major stack of stuff all ready for the weekends garage sale but didn't want to have it because it wouldn't be advertised. It turned out perfect though because when I got the Wednesday paper, a house on our street was having one and they (obviously not being add/adhd) remembered to advertise it, so our sale was on.

My add husband said that he really didn't have anything to sell. Ha. You oughta see our garage. He started pulling things out throughout the week and had so much stuff he couldn't believe it himself either. Drills, saws, chains, extension chords. Being an add/adhd family, we accummulate alot and even when we have 2 garage sales a year, we still have way too much.

I told my 14 year old daughter that whatever she sold, she could keep the money. I also let 2 of her friends come over and bring whatever clothes they wanted and told them they could keep the money. I also paid each of the girls $10 to help.

The garage sale down the street was advertised from 8am-12 noon. My husband got up at 5am and started setting up the tables. We use saw horses (he's in construction) and put a big board over them for a huge table. We also have some regular tables that my other adhd in denial sister "borrowed" from school like 10 years ago and forgot to return. So, we have enough tables. We also spread out a tarp for shoes and whatever else.

The girls got up bright and early and helped bring everything out. They then went on the couch and fell asleep almost until it was time to clean up. My 12 year old adhd son was pumped up and was selling everything he could find. He was bringing things out of his room all throughout the morning during the sale.

I brought tons out from the basement. I used to be into Dolls and also Raggety Anns, but I no longer am. I used to collect Holiday Barbies for my daughter but they have been stored for years, so out they go. (Her high school tuition starts next month so we need money.)

Anyway, the weather was iffy. It was supposed to rain late afternoon. The crowd wasn't as good as it normally is, probley due to the forecast. You just never can tell what the crowd will be.

At exactly 12 noon on the dot (the time that the neighbor down the street advertised theirs ending), we felt out first raindrop. We rushed to get everything put away, and it downpoured.

We slept the rest of the day from staying awake so late getting ready and getting up so early.

The next morning, we went to the flea market (as shoppers) cause my add husband and adhd son had the $500 from the gokart burning a hole in their pocket and they wanted a a gas powered scooter, which they found for $280. We then went to the store and got my daughter a queen size bed that she had been wanting. She went from a daybed, to a waterbed, to a futon bunkbed, to a daybed and now a queen size bed. She's adhd too :) answer your question on a garage sale tip...

We did price everything easily. All shirts 50 cents. All shorts $1.00. We had all jeans $2.00 and sold pretty many. Mostly Levis and name brand like Express and American Eagle. All shoes $1.00. All hats $1.00. It's much easier that way.

Afterwards, I took a few bags of clothes and shoes up to the clothes box at our church to donate and we still have tons of stuff left.

We didn't sell my daughters daybed. We had it priced at $30, which included sheets. I would have come down in price but nobody even looked at it. I guess you had to be in the market for one.

We didn't sell a Casio electric keyboard that I had paid alot for and had priced it at $25. My friend ended up buying it last week and I threw in a box guitar that hadn't sold and also a big punching bad. It feels really good to get rid of stuff even if I could have hung onto it for cash later.

Good luck.

06-26-05, 12:16 PM
I like your pricing ideas A LOT. Gary and I have been intending to have a garage sale for about a year, however I keep putting it off because I am off on the week-ends. I did not want to put forth the effort a garage sale takes on days I don't work!!!!!

Now the holiday week-end????...... well it souldn't hurt your sales to much (depends on where you live) especially if you start on Friday morning. I do think some of the people who normally go to garage sales may be out of town since this is a long week end but I doubt everyone will be out of town. Besides if you live in a fairly good size urban area many out of towners may come INTO the town you are in. I have gone to visit my mom she lives 200 miles away, and we have gone garage sale hunting as a means of entertainment while I am "in town". We do not get to do this together very often any more.

The forcasted weather is a BIG factor. Mom is a fan of the weather channel and she will check out the forcast the night before the planned bargan hunting. If it says rain and the next morning it looks like rain we will often postphone adverture!!!!!!! So checking out forcast would be a worthwhile endevor.