View Full Version : Anyone have experience taking lamotrigine/lamictal?

06-13-18, 06:20 PM
So my entire life I've had depression

when I was 6 years old I tried to commit suicide

my emotions are very strong I can be okay one day and then the next day be very sad and I can be sad up to 3 weeks for no reason

I can be sad for a day or two and then be fine again

I have a sleeping problem I sleep for days and days only getting up to go to the bathroom eat and sleep and I'm so exhausted I have a sleeping problem I sleep for days and days only getting up to go to the bathroom eat and sleep and I'm so exhausted I can't seem to stay awake no matter how hard

I try I have a lot of problems focusing especially when I'm driving I zone out and I can't remember a lot anymore

I have been put on Wellbutrin Zofran oxcarbazepine Venlafaxine and nothing has worked

I asked to be put on Nuvigil but they didn't want to put me on it

I asked to be put on desoxyn they didn't want to put me on that either

they almost put me on adderal but chose not to right now

I'm barely starting a medication called lamotrigine

I really hope it works they're starting me off at 25 mg and then I will build up to 100 mg

I'm to the point where I just want to fall over and die I'm so sad all the time and I don't know what to do I just wish I could be normal I don't know how to fix me and I wonder if anybody has tried Lamotrigine and has had the same issues I have and if it's help them

I'm running out of Hope

10-26-18, 09:28 PM
I realize your original post is pretty old, but on the off chance that you circle back (or for someone else who sees this), I figured I'd share my experience.

It was not a net positive for me, unfortunately. I worked up to 200mg and am now in the process of cautiously tapering down (reports vary widely on that process). Whatever benefit it may have given me, the side-effects became intolerable: constant fatigue, lethargy, extreme difficulty trying focus or complete even simple tasks. My primary/original diagnosis is ADHD. So it basically compounded all of that, only worse. Dexedrine and caffeine were NO match. I'm a single dad with a lot riding on me, I simply can't afford to be debilitated like I have been on this stuff.

Anyway, I hope it is/was of more use to you. I am suspicious of my (new) Bipolar II diagnosis--in retrospect I think it was more likely situational depression owing to a rough divorce--so it's likely that it simply wasn't an appropriate prescription for me in the first place. Others do very well on it.

10-26-18, 09:53 PM
I love my Lamotrigine.

You gotta remember though...meds work differently for each person.

But I've never liked taking antidresents or other kinds of meds. A lot of them gave me some pretty bad side effects...especially anti-psychotics. Not with Lamotrigine though! This is the first pill I've taken for depression I've been happy with and that I've stuck with for any longer than a month or 2.

I've been on Lamotrigine for over a year now, and I've had no noticable side effects from it.
I have bi-polar...and while I'm on these meds I can definently tell that my moods don't drop so low...but when I stop taking them, the deep lows come back to me within several days.

The other thing I like about this it doesn't take forever to start getting the benefits. Some meds can take up to a couple of months to really start kicking in. This med seems to start working within a week or 2 (for me at least).

My pill lady started me on 150mg, and I haven't asked her to adjust yet...though sometimes I wonder if a boost wouldn't help a bit.

Sorry to hear that it hasn't worked out for you Penguin :( that really sucks man


Hope it's been helping you though Taraa!