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07-19-05, 06:02 PM
how do you clean bathroom tile, is it hard to keep it clean, I know it is green, and it looks very shiny, and clean, but how do I keep it that way? I think it is ceramic? Just curious if you have any tried and true way? thanks

07-19-05, 07:06 PM
My sister makes a paste of baking soda and water, rubs it on the tile and then scrubs it clean. Sorry I don't have tile and never have so not much help from me.

07-19-05, 09:57 PM
Thanks that is very helpful, I would have no clue, leave it to me to ruin a beautiful thing, thanks.

07-19-05, 11:13 PM
I'd check the cleaning aisle at Walmart too. I've heard that softscrub works great as well.

07-19-05, 11:29 PM
They have tile cleaner, specifically designed to clean tile. Be sure to read the back the part that tells you what the product will melt!!!!

I avoid any thing that requires me to wait more than two minutes before wipping off, and products I have to rinse. The tile cleaner should be some thing you spray on wipe off, maybe rinse!!! Just be sure to use the right stuff.

On tubs I use some thing called the works, tub and shower cleaner. I have very hard water and get deposites on all my sinks. The works cleaner is not to be used on plastic or vinyl, but is good on poraclin, (how ever you spell that stuff toliet bowls are made of)

08-11-05, 02:19 AM
My apt manager once told me to make a solution half bleach and half water to keep the grout clean. As for the tile I love the Orange Clean Products and also the 20 Muleteam Borax. I dont buy any cleaning products other than those and occasionally bleach.

The borax help other soaps like the laundry soap to clean. I also use it when i was the dishes along with the soap. I also use it instead of a cleanser. There recipes on the box for other uses. I hope this helps you out.

09-19-05, 03:53 PM
Get KABOOM it works wonders on tiles and bath tubs and the sinks... I get it from Wal-Mart but they have it at Target and I'm sure the grocery store. it's in a purple bottle and looks tackey but works WONDERS...believe me I love to clean and this stuff is good....take mold off and that other stuff from tubs/showers...

It says on the bottle to wait 3 minutes to scrub but I wait like a min and then scrub...

Just use a sponge with a umm...scrubby side (don't know the correct name) and go at it....

Also when I clean my mom's house: she has white tiles on her kitchen counter tops...I wipe them down, sprinkle ajax with bleach on the counter (cover it lightly) then squeeze water on the the counters then scrub away with a scrub brush (easyer on the hands and wrist) works really well and once your done getting all the cleaner off the counter it's a perfect white again.. :) althought KABOOM works just the same and is A LOT easyer to wipe up... you just have to wait the full amount of minutes to start scrubbing

07-28-13, 03:00 PM
Thick bleach on a toothbrush works for me. If the area is large you can make up a spray bottle of diluted bleach (BE VERY CAREFUL THOUGH) and spray on, ventilate room and leave for an hour and wash off. But for really stubborn bits the bleach on a toothbrush never fails.