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08-02-05, 10:29 PM
I live in Ottawa,I am looking for a support group or anyone in Ottawa who can help me with my son who has addhd. He is going through a very rough time right now.He has lost his girlfriend of 3 years,he is living with his dad and I ,we are trying to help him get on his feet,he is 26 ,and thinks his life is over. He is also trying to pay off alot of debts,he just feels life is not worth living anymore,because there is just so much going on in his head,he can't cope. He saw a doctor a few months ago,they put him on paxil.He took it for awhile,but didn't like the way it made him feel.I would like to find a doctor who treats addhd in adults or a support group so he could talk to someone who feels like he does.He's not on any medication now,and feels very depressed.I try my best to talk to him,but he tells me I just don't know whats going on in his head.I'm afraid he might try to end his life.So please if anyone is out there to help me please do so asap.

08-04-05, 08:26 PM
Hey dede welcome to the forums.

Has your son tried counseling you know talk therphy???? Some times our grown children don't feel comfortable telling us parents certain things. I mean even if we have a close relationship being able to open up confindentially to a "netural" person helps our children be able to work through some things we can't because we as paernts are TOOO emotionally close. Plus counsler may have ideas to help your son.

08-04-05, 11:56 PM
I live in Ottawa,I am looking for a support group or anyone in Ottawa who can help me with my son who has addhd. So please if anyone is out there to help me please do so asap.
Hi there, you might try the following:

LDA of Canada
323 Chapel Street, Suite 200
Ottawa, ON K1N 7Z2 CANADA
(613) 238-5721
(613) 235-5391 (Fax) (

I have to say that many of the sites I looked at generally are still under construction.

If your son is experiencing feelings severe enough that you are concerned about him taking his life, you should take him to your doctor asap as he may be suffering from a clinical depression. It seems that it often takes quite some time before a proper medication(s) are found that do the trick so first try is definitely not all there is.

As far as groups in Ottawa, I would def start with the LDA and see what they know locally. The first site I listed is a meetup group but has no leader although it looks like people have signed up fairly recently.

I'm not sure how your son feels about getting on line here and posting with some of our ADD folks, we have quite a good age range and some his age also, and we also have a chat room. Just a thought.

Keep posting and let us know how you are doing


08-05-05, 12:09 AM
then I found this one too.

which led to this:

which might help


01-28-06, 08:31 PM
To get in with an ADD specialist, one needs to have the Testing documentation done.


01-28-06, 08:32 PM
Email me if you need info on getting MONEY for TESTING.


02-01-06, 01:36 PM

You are in a -=serious=- situation, Mom.

I think you need to find a Psychiatrist that specializes in ADD, ASAP.

If you cannot find one, try this: go to the nearest hospital and ask for "Consultation Liaison Psychiatry". It will be in offices in the Hospital, not Emergency.

They will assess people who are doctor-less and in immediate crisis.

This is a crisis.

People with disabilities (and those with chronic pain; other unresolvable issues, or "traps") are at increased risk for suicidal ideation (eg ideas/thoughts).

Think: What happens to to an "Underacheiver"?

It is frustrating, and indeed creates -=rage=- for a person, to not be able to acheive in "life". This rage can be turned against others, or the self. Depression is rage turned inward.

It is especially hard for those folks who are highly intelligent, and see other less-intelligent people who whiz past them in life and acheive more, despite having fewer brains.

Have you asked your Son:
(a) if he thinks of harming himself?
(b) if he has a plan for what he'd do?

This is very important.

People hesitate asking this, as they think that it might "encourage" the person.

This is incorrect. In fact, he might be relieved to have someone to talk to about this situation.

Keep in mind, too, that if someone (typically males), has aggressive/suicidal thoughts actions against themself, that sometimes this can get turned outward.

Also, are you getting support for YOURSELF? Do you see someone?

To have a 26 year old adult child at home must be hard on you. You need some serious support too.

Ottawa likely has more resources for ADD than many places in Canada. (Kingston ON, where i am, has almost diddley squat for most Adult ADDers. :S)