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08-08-05, 10:56 AM
:soapbox: Yup.. That's me.. always carrying my soap box. My website says it all. I grew up in the generation of kids whose motto was "Question Authority" and I have never stopped. Psychotic? Maybe. But the more I learn, the more I question.
We teach parents what their rights are, how to research statute and case law and agency policies. We teach how to assert your rights, how to advocate for your child when you feel no one else is doing so adequately. We work with legislators to identify the problems in government agencies that serve kids, and to gather documents to prove those government agency abuses of power and authority.
We provide advocates to assist parents who are involved in Child Protection interventions. Sort of a guide to help navigate a complicated and sometimes intimidating system.
We are working to create a group in every county in Colorado (and in other states as well) to identify what services could help people keep kids in their homes, and what we can do to provide that service if the government agencies are not meeting the public needs. IF bad budgeting is the problem, we want to be able to offer a regular budgeting class. If house cleaning is the problem, we want people who can go in and teach a parent, hands on, how to develop, follow and incorporate the kids in a cleaning routine. Just some examples. The possibilities are endless, and we are asking people to join us in forums to discuss and identify what things we need, and what resources each community has to offer. Retirees, Church groups, organizations already in the community, other parents who have been there done that.. the bottom line is, we believe that the solution to the problems is to create a system that works in spite of the hurdles that government typically places in the mix.
Since kids who are removed to foster care are often kids with disorders like ADD, and since many kids are removed these days because of parents who refuse to drug a child for ADD, and since kids in foster care are often labeled ADD after the removal, we felt this would be an appropriate place to sign up. WE can learn a lot from parents who have been there, and maybe offer some help and support for someone who is facing a problem with child protection services. (CPS)
Thanks for the opportunity!
Christine.. Colorado FRAI:) (
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08-10-05, 11:54 PM
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