View Full Version : New book on ADD, Pills Don't Teach Skills,(not anti meds) looking for agent/publisher

08-09-05, 03:13 AM

i'm co-writing a book on ADD with one of my former ADD coaching clients Jeff Hamilton.

It's not anti meds, The pills can be very useful but they donít teach you the skills you need to learn to deal effectively with your ADD. You need other things as well, i.e, ADD coaching, possibly therapy, diet, exercise, self awareness, self care activities, etc. It's about Jeff's personal journey in dealing with ADD and using a variety of treatment methods.

Jeff just got featured in a full page article in our local vancouver paper (circ. 500,000). The Canwest group (biggest newspaper chain in Canada) will be picking up the story. He'll be doing a talk show on cfun thursday at 4pm PST. You can listen live on the net (or phone in and ask ?s) if you want details are on my blog.

So we're getting a bit of media attention.

We've finished the first draft and we're at the rewriting stage now. We're looking for a book agent or a book publisher.

I've just emailed Terry Matlen who recently wrote a book on ADD to see if she know's of any good book agents or publishers. Does anyone know of one? Any tips for a new author?