View Full Version : Houston Dr. -any personal recommendations?

08-12-05, 12:42 AM

First post. I have two friends on meds (don't know which meds) that have add (don't know which sub-types). Both have talked about what it was like before they started their meds. I realized that I am exactly like their "before" and in some cases wors. After some online tests and lots of reading, I believe I could very well be considered ADD.

As a side note, one of the most productive periods I've ever had was in college when I was on an ampethamine diet pill. I forget the name. I took it for my last year in college and I focused, didn't drop any classes, made all A's and B's (first time ever) and was able to graduate. Anyone have any similiar experiences of medications not prescribed for ADD that accidendtly helped? Just curious.

I don't like to go to doctors and my insurance has a deductable in the thousands (since I'm self-employed).

My question:
Does anyone have any personal recommendations for doctors in Houston that specialize and don't charge out the nose (I can't afford a brain scan and extensive tests)?

Also I don't like being prodded by doctors, so I'm looking for one who will not want to take a frontal lobe biopsy just to prescribe some meds.

Any recommendations are much appreciated here in the forum or by private email is ok too,