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08-25-05, 07:11 AM

My name is Ruth Ann Harpur and I am a PhD student at the University of Southampton in the UK. I am working with Professor Edmund Sonuga-Barke to research parents' and children's attitudes about medication for ADHD.

We are inviting people to take part in a study exploring how parents and families support their children in taking medication for ADHD. This study will ask participants to complete a series of questionnaires about their attitudes to medication for ADHD, their child’s symptoms, their family and their general well being. They will also be asked for permission for the researcher to call them to take part in a 5 minute telephone interview about their relationship with their child. Their children will also be asked, with their permission, to complete a short questionnaire about their attitudes to medication for ADHD.

We hope that this study will help us better understand and support the
needs of children with ADHD and their families in the future.

The questionnaires will be sent as Microsoft Word attachments which
you can download and send back. I can send you detailed instructions
as to how to do this if you are not confident with the procedures.
Alternatively, if you prefer, I can post paper copies to you with a
freepost reply envelope.

In recognition of the time and effort in taking part in this study,
participants who complete this study will be offered a $15 gift certificate to spend at (for US participants) or a
₤10 gift certificate to spend at (for UK participants).

In order to take part you will need to confirm that you meet the
following criteria:

-You have a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD
-Your child is aged between 8 and 18 years old
-Your child is currently taking medication for ADHD
-Your family live in the UK or the US

Some of you may have taken part in a previous survey here. This research is extending that original survey and if you completed the original survey you may still take part in this one. Please mention in the email if this is the case.

If you are willing to take part, or if you have any further questions please email me on or call me on 0(44) 23 8059 4593.

Finally, thank you to the Andrew for giving me permission to post here and to all of you who have been so helpful in supporting the research so far.

Best Wishes,

Ruth Ann Harpur