View Full Version : A POEM : A Child with ADHD in the 70s

08-25-05, 07:57 AM
This is a POEM i wrote about My ChildHood with Undiagnosed ADHD

ADHD wasn't recognized in the UK in the 70s?...

Instead ; Children, like Myself, were called and labelled 'Naughty' and even this day and age, some children are still labelled 'Naughty'.

People Need to be Educated about ADHD!


Alone in my bubble i float

'A failure' ; Is what the teachers wrote!

Unable to think

Focus ; The missing link!

The tap-tap-tapping noise of a pen

Winding me up...Time and time again!!

The thoughts in my mind

Was my Anger confined!

People can hear me

But nobody listens

Frustrated i scream!

Scolded for making a scene

My sister is bright

And very well liked

She's pretty and slim

Not fat and me!

Why am i bad?

I hate being sad!!

And why so wrong?

I feel, like i don't belong!

No friends that come to call

I sit at the window..Watching

People stop to stare

"Look, the Naughty Child, lives there!!"

I want to be Good!!

I want to be liked

Tears on my pillow...

Every night!

I butted in, when mother was talking

A whack and a Smack for my sin

My sister stood there laughing

I held my anger within

I hate myself!

I don't fit in!

A stranger in this world...

That i Live in!!

Each morning i dread to awake

To be me!

I'm not lazy

I just can't do these things you see!

I would rather be anyone else but me

I'm a Naughty child

I'm Evil and Bad

Perhaps i'm ever-so slightly mad?

By Karen[karennerak]


Aged 41 ; I was Diagnosed with Adult ADHD on 15/08/05