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09-12-03, 07:24 PM
Here's a site that helps people meet up with others with ADD.

Adullt AD/HD (

For Parents of AD/HD children

08-13-04, 02:49 PM
Vote now for a location for your Setpember 1, 2004 Attention Deficit Disoder Meetup!

08-03-06, 09:44 AM
found online:

Weekly support group for adults with LD/ADHD (learning disabilities & attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) will meet in Cambridge from 6 to 7:30 pm each Wednesday. Currently there are a few openings in this group, so if you are interested, contact Angelica Sawyer at 617-661-3117 in early July. The group meets in the Parish House of Christ (Episcopal) Church at 0 Garden St. close to Harvard Square.

you can find the church opposte Cambridge Common.

08-12-06, 08:17 PM
update: much to my displeasure, I have learned that they won't accept new support group members until October for reasons that I don't feel up to going into. though you can still apply. pretty ****ed about this.

08-12-06, 08:31 PM
whoopee, I hadn't known this messageboard censored swearin'.