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09-01-05, 08:55 AM
This was written for my late grandmother:

I Love You, Good-bye
Her heart filled with unconditional love
Her eyes filled with a lifetime of pain
She listened to every word I spoke
No matter how insane.
She gave her love to me completely
Never asked for much in exchange
Only for me to be true to myself
And to not use the lords name in vein
I always new I could turn to her
When life was too much to bear
She wouldn't always have the answer
But it helped to know she was there
When I would go out of town
I would call her to say,"Love you" and " bye"
But this time was different
The phone rang and rang and I began to cry
With no one telling me I knew in my heart
Why did she have to die?
My grandmother was gone forever
And with this poem I say Good-bye.

Brandie aka Draven

Copyright 2005 Brandie aka Draven

11-01-05, 09:57 PM
Thanks Draven, for sharing your talent.
She reminds me of my own grandmother.