View Full Version : Another of Draven's Poems

09-01-05, 09:14 AM

You told me not to fall and some how I tripped
You said we were just friends when you kissed my lips
Everything you said seemed to blow my mind
Honesty and loyalty are just to hard to find
When you left to go to New York for a week,
I selfishly wished you could stay with me
Little did I know, that I would never see you again
How could you play, is this how it ends
Not a word spoken, not a fu@king clue
Just gone from my life without knowing that I love you
I guess I meant nothing or you really didn't care
It is my ignorance and my pain I can't bare
I miss you like crazy and I hope you are OK
I know your using again and maybe thats why you stay
I wish I had said what I felt in my soul
But baby, I love you even though you'll never know.


Copyright 2005 Brandie