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Jami Lea
09-08-05, 11:41 PM
Just something I wrote last night.....I was contemplating and lost inside my mind alot and came up with it....

Insatiable soul, starving for light
An unsatisfied hunger, desires delight
A divided world, twisted beyond its dimension
Some kind of tear, wrapped in blood and tension

Emotions swollen, pressured into a pulchritudinous cube
Artless measures, brushed intricately onto the face of a rube
Each torn shred of adulation
Spread indefinitely, endlessly, and self-effacing

Life has no boundaries
Capitivated by fear and desire, lies love
Interpret your mind through your imagination...

11-01-05, 09:43 PM
Wow....Jamie Lee, it really flows.
I can relate to the message..been there. :)


Jami Lea
02-24-06, 03:36 AM
:) :cool: :D Was once...