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09-11-05, 07:48 PM
This all sounds very exciting, just like when I first read "Driven to Distraction" back in '95. Unfortunately, it wasn't until 8 years later I was able to find reliable help to confirmed diagnosis, afterwhich I was able to start taking Ritalin. Concerning ADD Coaching (which I would absolutely love to do), I am afraid I will rush down to see my occupation counsellor, only do get more blank stares as to what I am talking about.

While having an ADD Coach would be good for me, I think me helping others, alone, would help give my additional focus for the exterior things in my life. I would probably do it for no money, if I can find a way to survive financially, but I would also be willing to make payments as easy as possible--small installments, referrals, etc.

There is much I have to offer to others through my personal experiences. I will be cognizant that each person is different, but I believe, obviously, all improvement starts with desire. I would be by their side at every step.

09-14-05, 11:10 AM
Well, I called my occupational counselor 3 days ago, inquiring about me getting started on the road to doing ADD Coaching, and I still haven't gotten a response from her--as though, "that inquiry isn't worth my time getting involved with."

Does anyone else here feel their quest for finding any kind of normalcy in their lives leaves them feeling completely alone in your quest? When you make attempts to explain your situation to family, friends, or whomever, does your words fall upon deaf ears? I am seriously starting to feel as though I am invisible, that I have absolutely no freedom to exist, and that no one will even blink when I am gone.

From my high school years, most of my efforts to get some help in being able to function properly was met with much resistance. I am making an effort to meet with a reputable clinical psychologist where I live. He seems like a person I can find a definite direction in my adult life. We will see. He won't be cheap, either, but at this point, I need to do something.

09-14-05, 11:43 AM
From Sep 14-20 ADD Resources is hosting a variety of free audiorecordings by national ADHD authorities at their website, ( One of the recordings is by Nancy Ratey, MCC, ADD Coach who answers questions about ADD coaching.

09-14-05, 11:28 PM
...I have absolutely no freedom to exist...
Freedom is a function of money. No money=No freedom

I don't know what I would do if I weren't able to live at my mother's for the time being. I went back to school and got a student loan - this is easier to handle than a job right now. I suppose I don't qualify for disabilty income...but I have not inquired.

Have you looked into this East_Coast_guy?