View Full Version : Any UK nonAdders about

09-16-05, 12:46 PM
Just putting a shout out for any UK based non ADDers (preferably male) with female partner ADDers, with a view to discuss, understanding, and relating to their partners condition and how they assist them with it.

My partner is much much more than just a partner to me,and has just been recently diagnosed as ADHD, although she knew previously herself deep down, but needed confirmation re:medication being just 1 thing.

I would be intrested to find out what experiences other non ADDers have come across in their relationships,and how they resolved them

Ours by the way i would describe as very solid ,not without the odd hiccup i might add, caused by myself :foot: , not taking into consideration how my partner relates to certain things caused by ADHD, but once made aware to me, is noted mentally for future reference shud it arise again.