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09-21-05, 02:40 AM
I know for a lot of you the feeling of clothes is irritating and tags have to be cut out, and only certain fabrics can be worn, etc... I have always had minor issues with that like disliking the feeling of a few fabrics, and turtlenecks keep getting more irritating by the year, but lately I've found that I don't like the feeling of anything, at all! I rip all my tags out like I never used to and I really hate tight things and things that are too short or too big...Im really picky now and even the old comfy sweatshirt I used to love has become annoying. It's really irritating when part of me is always focusing on how uncomfortable what I'm wearing is, it's not something I should even be noticing. Since some of you have been like this for a very long time, do you have any ways that make it better or easier to deal with?? Any helpful suggestions you can share would be awsome!

09-21-05, 06:52 AM
Nudist colony?

Actually, I more than understand what you are saying. There are several fabrics that I just cannot wear...wool or synthetic fibers for example. Then there are certain tags or...grrrrr...wrinkles in socks, or sheets, etc. Some days I can't stand anything touching my skin. I do the best that I can and try to ignore it. Distraction/redirection is key in trying to manage many stressful, bothersome sensations.

09-21-05, 08:18 AM
See I learn something new everyday. I realized that the skin sensativity and ADD were related. For me, it isn't too bad except that usual scratchy fabrics but my daughter (who has not been diagnosed yet) has always had a problem with her clothes. If it has any kind of iron on in the front or back she can feel it, seems inside her clothes bother her, tags bother her practically everything bothers her when it comes to how her clothes feel on her skin. She use to drive me nuts because she would just sit and cry because I couldn't find a clean shirt that didn't make her itch in some way or another. She is a bit better about it now or maybe I shop better for her now,,, who knows. But she still has days where nothing feels right on her skin. She has allergies to certain things and I just assumed that was what made her go nuts sometimes and so I have been in the habit of giving her bynadril when the itching is too much and it seems to help.

I do like the idea of the nudist colony though,,,, no more laundry means less piles of differant stages of done clothes wooo hoooo

09-21-05, 05:30 PM
Loose very soft comfortable clothing.
I've learned to dress in what absolutely makes me feel comfortable.

09-21-05, 06:40 PM
Never was able to wear 100% synthetic materials. Absolutely LOVE natural fabrics. :D

09-21-05, 08:32 PM
When walking through the likes of Marks and Spencers or British Home Stores, where the clothes are, i can't help myself, but reach out to touch the different materials...
There are some materials that make me cringe.. they maybe too rough or synthetic or too warm.

A couple of days ago, i went on a search through the city centre shops, for a new scarf, for winter, seeing that i'm going to the chilly coast of UK in a week or so...
I felt the scarves... and i chose a lovely chenille scarf... so soft and snuggly feeling.

I always wear baggy/loose clothes... I can't wear anything would make me feel restricted, hot and irratable!!

Same with shoes... they need to be leather or suede..not synthetic!
Though preferably, i like to wear sandels, flip-flops or go bare footed... so i can imagine some ADDers, like NON-ADDers, would prefer to go naked!(naturists).

I love the feel of soft cotton, silk, satin and leather against my skin ;)


I have sensitive senses to touch, smell, sights and sounds ; I believe, that these are ADDer traits.

Karen :)

09-21-05, 11:55 PM
I'm a natural fabric kind of guy. Otherwise I'm driven crazy with discomfort. The behaviour specialist for the local school division can't wear stripes because he can feel them. Now that's the right guy in the right job. :D

I'm just not much for fashion. I wear what's comfy and if it isn't I dump it. Actually I make a gift of it and send it off to a charity I believe in. Then I get the added bonus of less clutter and doing a good turn for those that can wear that stuff.
Somebody else not me. Ian

10-06-05, 01:55 AM
I am a closet nudist.LOL!!!Always have been .But now,I have little girls.2and4.My hubby would blab to his friends about how I was always naked and they were like,you are so lucky man....DUH.....
I cant stand clothes,they confine me.I feel strangled and tied up!Since my oldest turned 4 I have stopped being nude in front of them.
They dont need to see that!LOL!!!!!
But whenever I can I rip them off and clean house!!!!!!!

10-06-05, 06:18 AM
Never was able to wear 100% synthetic materials. Absolutely LOVE natural fabrics. :DLikewise. But I hate ironing so I have a lot of cotton knits.

02-03-06, 02:34 PM
I CANNOT wear bras without feeling EXTREMELY uncomfortable. Also, clothes that brush against my sides (like a loose T-shirt) can REALLY annoy me.

Around 'that time of the month', I get so sensitive on my sides that it is excruciating to wear even the loosest of clothes.

I rarely wear jeans any more as I cannot stand the seams between my legs.
I hate things round my neck.
I can't have long hair (even in a bob) because I can't stand the feel of it brushing against my skin (even in the short style it's in now, I hate it when it gets near to needing a cut because of the bits around my ears). Thankfully, I am a tomboy and love having long hair anyway
I hate polo necks

I also get REALLY annoyed and wound up if:

I hear someone elses music (especially in the garden) even if I like the music
someone's fiddling or tapping even if it's really quietly
and other things which I can't think of right now.

I don't know if I have any kind of sensory disorder - just a slight tactile hypersensitivity - but please could you tell me what you think.

02-05-06, 08:27 PM
I agree with Andi....this world should be a nudist colony!! I can only wear and tolerate t-shirt material and cotton clothing.....any other materials are likely to irritate and I HATE turtle neck jumpers and I hate jumpers in general....the less clothes the better I say.

05-04-06, 09:52 AM
I hate tags, too and I don't like anything that feels scratchy.

Also, as for those people wearing skin tight clothes, how do they stand it. I know I couldn't. It's too confining.

I like my clothes to be loose and not pressing up against my skin too much.

05-04-06, 10:34 AM
it be good to do a poll an see how meany here on the site have sid sytumsss with there add adhd dorm

05-30-06, 12:18 PM
People with high histamine levels may experience sensitive skin; they may be the type that can't wear wool sweaters. Your histamine levels can be checked with a blood test.

Orthomolecular is known for balancing histamine levels using nutritional supplements. This is NOT the same as taking anti-histamines to correct this problem. Anti-histamines only block the response that histamine has in the body with certain problems, like excess saliva production. The way to correct ALL the problems that high histamine levels can cause is too lower them with some nutritional supplements.

Some people may do this, lower histamine levels with nutrients, but may not realize they are doing it. Things like smoking weed or tobacco or drinking booze can have the effect of lowering histamine levels in that these substances can put copper in the body. Copper does lower histamine levels, but can also be a toxic heavy metal. So increasing copper levels only isn't the best solution. Other nutrients are needed because using only one or some nutrients can create other imbalances or deficiencies.

Also related to this is the fact that some people say that anti-histamines make them feel spacey or weird mentally. These people are likely low histamine types who find that getting their histamine levels even lower does affect their brain function. Histamine in the brain is a nuerotransmitter.

Of course if you did get your histamine levels checked by a doctor that doctor could not possibly recommend treatment using nutritional supplements. (Mainstream medicine does not recognize histamine imbalances as being real.) But the type of treatment that doctor might suggest would be some topical anti-histamine cream which would not really be practical since this is something that you experience all the time.

But that, in a nutshell, is the difference in how ortho treats histamine problems vs. mainstream medicine.

Matt S.
05-30-06, 02:41 PM
I cant wear corderoy's (i dont know if i spelled that right) the noise they make from friction drives me nuts... sound is my irritating experience with clothes

05-30-06, 03:28 PM
I've actually never liked wearing clothes full-stop lol and still don't i try and wear as least as possible, the area where i live if they see me with clothes on, they say it must be cold if jo's got clothes on. Come the night time they come straight off! I'm trying to say this without being crude or coming across as tarty because i'm not, i just can't stand clothes.

06-11-06, 02:15 PM
Interesting post about the histamine levels. My sensitivity increases when I get stressed out, and from what I've read, stress increases histamine levels.

Things that I am sensitive or allergic to: Wool, fleece that has pills on it, tight jeans, clothes that have been line-dried, some bras, sweat, sheets with below 300 thread count, certain lipsticks and powders, metals other than 18K gold or higher, too much detergent used in the laundry, most soaps, and alcohol.

Things that I love to feel: gentle breezes, long hugs, hair strokes, swinging, running, silk, weight on my chest, hot baths, squeezable items, sand, stretching, air cushions, rocking chairs, massages, music with bass, etc.

07-27-06, 04:00 PM
Usually I get home from work and strip all of my clothes off. When I was little I refused to wear jeans and no one understood why, but now I can wear them. Clothes I hate: turtle necks, nylons, high waist pants, sleeves that wont stay up when I push or roll them, slips, one peice bathing suits, I am sure that there are others but that is all I can think of right now.

06-29-07, 10:33 AM
I see so many familiar things in this forum!

I take the tags out of everything. Can't stand most synthetic fabrics, even poly-cotton blends, they make me feel too warm. However, I can wear some micro-fiber, it feels like it's barely there and I don't feel so warm.

Really tight clothes - no way, especially around the waist or arms. Snug clothes, not too bad. Turtlenecks - nope. Don't like anything touching my throat. I was at a clothes party trying on a turtleneck for the colour, it was barely five minutes and I was practically screaming get this thing the hell off me. I've tried on convertible pants, the ones that you can zip off the bottom, but the zipper drives me nuts. I don't like shorts anyway, because some fabrics or textures irritate the back of my legs, so I compromise with capri pants. Pantyhose - yuck! Seams on some socks, ouch.

My mother was the same way with socks. My uncle (married to my aunt, so not a blood relation) was hospitalized a few times and they said he couldn't have anything touching him. He's always walked around the house nude, some people would say he's an exhibitionist, but I understand.

I like being barefoot around the house, but not on stones or things like that. I love really soft clothes, sheets with a high thread count, old beat-up jeans.

I swear, sometimes I feel like "The Princess and the Pea"!

08-13-07, 04:37 PM
This is a really interesting post, As a child I was incredibly sensitive to clothes and refused to wear trousers until I was about 9/10. Scirts were ok. The only thing that finally convinced me to get into trousers was the fact that I was obsessed with horses and you need to wear jodphurs to ride them. I did however insist on wearing culottes for the first few lessons ( i haven't spelt that right) Those really baggy calf length trousers, more like a skirt.

I think after a few lessons the sheer embarrasement of wearing them, for me and my mother, convinced me to try and squeeze into some baggy jodphurs.

I have many allergys as well hayfever asthma brought on by allergens. I have been an on and off smoker for years and I definately find that these allergys lessen when I smoke. In fact when I don't smoke I have to stay indoors all summer. Having rel;apsed six months ago, I have had a lovely summer with the kids chuffing away in the garden and camping without having to have two pieces of toilet roll stuffed up my nasal passages and puffy eyes.

I would for my health sake, love to be able to not smoke and enjoy an English summer.

08-16-07, 01:34 AM
Yes, it is interesting!

I have trouble with tags, seams, certain kinds of fabric, three-quarter length sleeves, sleeves too tight, sleeves too loose, sleeves too short, sleeves in general, and bracelets. I can't wear anything itchy, which for me, is a lot of things, but wool especially is a no no. Also acrylic.

I am very picky about shoes. Toes must be covered and there must be a heal or at least at strap over the heel. Unfortunately, it seems all the cute shoes are open toed or sling backed....

Also, I cannot walk around barefoot. I feel like I am walking on crumbs even if the floor is clean.

When I was a kid, we were poor, so we bought a lot of clothes at garage sales. I preferred my garage sale clothes to new because new clothes were stiffer and garage sale clothes were already soft and broken in!

08-30-07, 11:54 AM

I have sensitive senses to touch, smell, sights and sounds ; I believe, that these are ADDer traits.

Karen :)
I do NOT beleive they are ADD traits. They are signs of SID - sensory Integration disorder (which is real) and this is why you gives you so called ADD (which is a made up fake disorder - just to keep teachers & parents happy). You dont need drugs, you need Occupational Therapy.

Source - my reading and my instinct.


09-03-07, 10:41 PM
ya some jeans make me itchy and the tag on the shirts irritate me to the max i have to cut it off

09-03-07, 11:19 PM
I do NOT beleive they are ADD traits. They are signs of SID - sensory Integration disorder (which is real) and this is why you gives you so called ADD (which is a made up fake disorder - just to keep teachers & parents happy). You dont need drugs, you need Occupational Therapy.

Source - my reading and my instinct.


Excuse me? Where do you get the idea that one disorder (SID) is REAL and another disorder (ADHD) is FAKE?

What is your criteria for judging one real and one fake?

Did you know what forum you were posting on?

09-03-07, 11:52 PM
I have always been weird about fabrics. Now that I am older and buy all my own cloths I forget how bad it used to be.

I am so weird about my sheets, blankets and pillow cases. When I sleep at a friends house I always bring my own or I know I wont be sleeping well that night.

So I understand the fabric thing, I am just glad I am not a kid anymore and can buy all my own comfort!

09-04-07, 12:06 PM
wow...this is the first place I've been that cutting off tags is done....I always thought it was just me!

My skin is a whole sensory organ in itself can be wonderful....can be hell.


09-06-07, 02:30 PM
Like so many here, I have trouble with histamine levels and Sensory issues and incessant itching that flares up without warning! :eek: :faint: Drives me nuts!!! :faint: Interesting theory about the stress levels affecting histamine. I can't stand clothing labels, Polyester especially elasticized waist pants. Ugh-h-h-h-h!!! Double Ugh-h-h-h!!!!! Can't stand my pants at my waist or right across my belly button. I hate sock seams across the top of my toes. My shoes have to have a deep toe box, nothing pressing down on my piggies, thank~you! I like my jeans and pants to fit niether too tight nor too loose. They must fit just above my hips. and can be denim or corduroy My dresses have to be drop waist. No skirts. and my ears with the exception of my lobes and lower portion are a NO Touch zone! :faint: :) :D

09-06-07, 07:36 PM
Wow, as a non-ADD'er, I can relate. For me, wool is a big no-no--it itches and feels like a million little needs stabbing and pricking my skin. I too am also not a fan of tight clothing, I prefer loose fits.

As for my ADD fiancee, she hates tight clothes (thermal undies, stockings/tights, etc) and cannot stand ¾ sleeves & pants (short sleeve and full-length is fine). I believe she hates wool too.

09-06-07, 08:25 PM
Forgot to add: I hate the feeling of things around/touching my neck fullstop (I detest neck ties etc) and I hate my face, ears and rear-end being touched.

10-23-07, 01:52 PM
I am wearing the most scratchy shirt today. It is not bad to wear it if it is cooler weather but for some reason the office is hot today so the shirt is so itchy I can barely stand it. UGH

10-23-07, 01:56 PM
but to me it is hard to tell when something is comfortable until you wear it.

10-23-07, 02:54 PM
I can't stand TAGS. (Good thing I'm not brand name label concious.) Most of my clothes (even jeans and panties!) have them cut out.

So much for reselling my clothes on EBAY. ;)

If shoes (mostly sandals do this) have name tags or raised logos on the lining of the shoe, I've gotten blisters from them even.

re: Histamine levels

I'd wonder how many clothing/TAG sensitive people had allergies (eczema, rashes, food allergies, etc) as a child? I know I was.

One sports medicine injury doctor said that when she examined me, she noticed that the pressure she put on my skin made it "turn red" [erythema]: A sign of Inflammation or inflammatory chemicals.

INterestingly, histamine is one of those chemicals, isn't it.]


One great tool for taking out TAGS is a "seam ripper". You can get it at the sewing and fabric stores.

10-24-07, 08:05 AM
me too. I was so glad to take that scratchy shirt off last night. I think I will sew a camisole into it or wear it with a cami so that it does not drive me insane. I love the colors and how it looks but I can't stand the fabric.

10-24-07, 11:20 AM
I hate those shirts that have a design knitted on them and they are on the inside of the shirt. They rub up against your skin all day long and leave red scratch streaks all over. I definately suffer from inflammatory skin too. Anything that rubs against it turns red.

10-25-07, 09:51 PM
I can't stand clothing around my neck. Feels like I am suffocating.

10-26-07, 08:24 AM
me either turtle neck sweaters are the worst!!!

10-26-07, 08:41 PM
me either turtle neck sweaters are the worst!!!
YES!!!! Especially the scratchy ones. I made the mistake of wearing one once and though I was going to have a huge panic attack. It is almost like I think it is going to somehow constrict my airway and I will suffocate. Strange belief, but that is what I believe.

10-26-07, 11:18 PM
I am soooo relating to all these posts. Although tags don't usually bother me too much I'm glad to see that some manufacturers are printing the tag information right on the clothing instead of adding a tag.

10-31-07, 03:40 AM
Hah..As a kid I hated tags. Still sort of do but I've learned to live w/ them for the most part. I gotta say though that I shift around and scratch and what not way to much so the feeling is still there.

12-09-07, 09:46 PM
Wow I am so impressed with the histamine information. It makes total sense to me. I see my therapist this week, and am going to bring it up to him.

I hate elastic in my pants!!! I also can not deal with tags in the side seams of my shirts, but found that if I cut it off, it is 10 times worse. So, I put 2 or 3 bandaids on my side where the tag would touch my skin. Works like a charm!