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09-22-05, 07:29 PM
Andrew says we are to put what our website is about in here. There's only one problem, mine has undergone so many changes since I first coded it, it might change again.:eek:

Probably not now though. I have a bunch of things on my site, I have a RPG system there for any who like the old school RPGs, I have a book I'm writing, I have links to lots of useful stuff. My art, others art, web design, RPG sites, a message board that never gets used by anyone. The message board was going to eb used to run a play-by-post game using my new system, but that didn't happen.:(

:confused: Got any ideas of stuff that should be there?:eyebrow:

09-22-05, 07:46 PM
crap, helps to put the addess up......:eek: :( :o :rolleyes: