View Full Version : How do you know where to start??

09-27-05, 12:27 PM
So, I've been taking meds for my adhd for about a year now. Last Sept I was re-diagnosed with adult adhd ( I was diagnosed as a child but I went off meds for so long my new doc wouldn't perscribme anything until I was diadnosed again) and I knew that just taking meds would not be enough. Since I've found the forums I've read many posts about therapy and counseling and I wanted to know how I get started on looking for one. What type of one should I be looking for?:confused: What are my different options?:confused: Any advice would be great!!

09-27-05, 01:39 PM
I would start with a referral from your doctor. Be completely upfront when giving details of what you are looking for in a therapist and your doctor may be able to help you.

Possibly things to consider in looking for a therapist:

Ask your doctor for someone that THEY would go to or recommend to family.
Location, location, location
Cost/Insurance Coverage
I have even gone as far to discuss personalities if at all possible. Are they the warm and fuzzy type, the clinical type, or uh huh-how does/did that make you feel type?

I'm sure there are a lot of other things to consider that I'm forgetting, but I hope this will get you started...good luck to you :)