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09-30-05, 01:55 PM
I have an appointment with a psychiatrist this evening and i am beyond nervous! :eek:

I've been reading in these forums a lot and some of the stories of mean, disbelieving doctors gets me scared. lol
I havent seen a psychologist in years, but when i did see one she said she thought i had ADD. but i've never been treated.

Also i've been reading about Srattera and how it could cause depression and even a suicide warning! I dont want to take that. i hope the doctor isnt like "Do what I say!!"

I'm so embarassed i had to call the dr office today cuz i couldnt figure out how to get there on the map. THe receptionist was like "do you know this street? this street?" and i didnt know any of them despite living in this area for 20yrs!

sorry this post was all over the place.
I'm just asking if anyone has any stories they'd like to share about getting diagnosed, how long it took, what the dr said, etc..:confused:

09-30-05, 02:15 PM

I guess I was lucky because my sister was the first of us adults to get diagnosed. She went to a neuro physichiatrist (sp).
After years of floundering around, I decided there must be something wrong with me too.
I just couldn't get things done I wanted to.
I made the appt. Spent about 2/3 hours sitting with him, after filling out pages of questionairs (sp).
After the appt, he said well I do believe you have ADD.
Not the same as my sister. She is ADHD, very busy.
I have the inattentive type. Too hyperfocused, sleep too much, eat too much, spacy,,etc.
He started me on my meds that day.
I went back and he tried different things until I had a good fit.
It took a few months to find it.

Fast forward 11 years later , after being off meds.
The doctor I see now, did the same thing.
He gave me my meds, 2 diff kinds to start.
Gave me the vitamans to go with it.
Saw me in a month,
Changed my dosage, added flaxseed oil and Zoloft (either or was my choice)
and I don't see him again for 3 months.
I just call if I am having issues or need to change my dosage.

Don't be nervous!
Just be honest. Be open minded. But don't be afraid to speak up.
They do work for you, however they are the expert.
If you don't like your doctor, after awhile, then always feel free to shop around.

Doctors should be familiar with treating adults, should be willing to listen to you, and willing to try different meds including natural ones.
If they aren't they aren't the right doctor for you.
We are all so different, what works for you, won't work for someone else.
That's plain to see just being on this forum.

Good luck today,
Let us all know how it goes!

09-30-05, 02:21 PM
Glad to hear you are taking that first step towards making changes in your life. You have just completed the most difficult step. Congratulations. :D

Relax and don't worry. Remember, the doctor works for you. You have the choice to stay or look for another one. You don't have to do anything your doctor tells you to do.

Just be yourself. I remember when we took our 7 year old to the doctor (after I was diagnosed). We just let him be himself in the exam room. That in itself was enough to comfirm the diagnosis. He was all over the place. You know how loud that exam room table paper can be, especially if you don't sit still. :eek:

My psychiatrist is great. I love to go see him. He is so calm and excepting. He includes my opinion in my treatment. I feel in control of my health care. He said to me, "Only you know your body."

I am taking a combination of Strattera and Adderall XR. Don't be scared by the latest warning on Strattera. I'm not. More than likely, there was already some type of existing depression.

The doctor will ask about your current state as well as a historic account. How were you in school? Grades and report card comments are very valuable.

Good luck and let us know how things go.

09-30-05, 02:21 PM
thank you for the reply. :)
i wonder if my appointment will last 3hours! i'll go crazy if i have to sit in the office that long. lol

i'm mainly nervous that i will be told i dont have ADD and then i dont know what to do.:eek: i really believe i have it, but we'll see what the doctor says.

ty for the reply:), oh i already said that up there! lol

09-30-05, 02:27 PM
Hey well Lana,

If you can't sit there for 3 hours...then it should be a snap for any doctor familiar with ADD to diagnose you! hahaha
See I could sit for hours,,,my foot might be going, but my rump is still!
See the difference!

Tim is right, I think it is easier to dx the busy ADHDer's than the one's like me..
I wouldn't worry about the dx, if you fit the description, you prob are,
If not be positive, it might be something else, they are trained to look for those things.


09-30-05, 04:03 PM
Good Luck, please tell us how it went.

I started a thread a while ago something about frustrating first doctor experience...

I went in the psychiatrist office saying I had been diagnosed a few years ago with ADD, after 2 misdiagnoses, never took meds for it but now my symptoms have kind of snowballed during this year. After years of doing a great job at dealing with them now I juts can't. The doctor thought it was my personality, prescribed some tranquiliser, said she would read my 10 page paper explaining my symptoms and whats going on (let me just say it is far from being ten pages explaining my personality, I hope she realizes that too) and this week Im supposed to go back and see her.

I think my mistake was to be really sure I have ADD, as in I'm ready to diagnose myself kind of sure. I think now that there may be other minor disorders that share these symptoms and that I dont know about. The doctor will have to say what they are, if any, not me. This past 2 weeks I've read Dr Hallowell Driven To and Delivered From Distraction (thank god for audiobooks) and (stealing his words here) Ive had major "Aha!" experiences listening to them. He describes what goes on in my head so well it's scary. But this only makes me more suspicious and still, I think it very well could be something else.

I found these two books a little bit sensationalistic, which I'm not even sure if it's a word.

So take some of the good advice already given to you and everything will turn out well.

09-30-05, 09:50 PM
just so you know, it took me a long time to "kind of" convince MYSELF that I have ADD and not something else..Even though, I was diagnosed at age 6-7 I cannot help, but think I am just tired or bored, or rediculous in some way. it's not that I want to be anything in particular, I just would like to be normal and be aware of it..get me?

Maybe the meds didn't/don't help me. I refused to take them and hated taking them. I did not believe they did anything when I was a child. My teacher's said they calmed me down, well I guess, maybe just taking me away from the rest of world for a minute or two was to blame. I had to go to the office at school while everyone else was off doing something else...Sorry, I don't know if this will help you, but I need to sing off now. in short, I need closure, this is just the beginning, Lana