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09-18-03, 01:56 AM
My little brother and me are best buds. We do tons of fun stuff together. Our favorite holiday is Christmas and we have all these traditions.

Moving all the furniture out of the living room then turning the lights on the christmas tree on to blink rapidly. Then we turn all the regular lights off and spin in circles until we're so dizzy we crash into the wall lol......then whoever stays spinning the longest wins a candy cane lol... good times.

Anyways Im getting off topic.... what this post was meant to be about is our Recepies. We have this little book thats like a diary and we make up our own recipies and write them down in our book. We make a new one every holiday.

Something Ive noticed and I dunno if its an ADD thing or just that my brother and me like weird foods. So do yall eat/drink things that other "normal" people think are totally disgusting?? lol My mom wont touch anything me and my lil bro make. Our other brothers and his dad (my stepdad) all gladly eat it with us though (theyre all ADD too) So my question do yall like foods that other people think are weird????

My fav one of me and my bros recipies is snow... um CLEAN SNOW only lol dont want any a that yellow discolored dog wiz ok ok anyways

Snow, Strawberry yogurt, blueberry italian soda syrup and a tiny bit of vanilla ice cream mixed all together in a blender. It is soooooooo good. (thats one of our earlier recipies from when I was like ummm 10yrs old an he was only a couple years old lol Now the recipies involve more normal food and cooking. Dang, I want a yogurt snow drink..... but its September, has it ever snowed in september??? Guess I'll have to wait till December. One time it snowed on easter in April... that was kinda weird. Ok Im done now lol sorry Im bored so I just came on here and decided to type and type and type some more and now Im gone........ or am I lol ok ok Im done for reals now. Adios!

03-22-05, 06:46 PM
This looks like it was posted along time ago.
But I enjoyed reading it.
Cute story with happy memories in it.

I also do that mix weird combo's of food or drinks together.