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09-18-03, 12:44 PM
Hi everyone!
I just thought I would try to make this more specific to the book, and wanted to start a thread about how each of us are using the 3 S`s in our lives.

Please post and we can celebrate our efforts together and motivate each other to keep going!!

The 3 S`s are:

Strategies - in Chapter 2

the basic idea is to work WITH your ADD to get organized...

FOCUSED-keeping the appropriate focus level is important too
ENGAGED-so it`s more enjoyable
STIMULATED-keep your mind working!

so here`s a list of ways mentioned in Chapter 2:
Make it Fun

Catch the mood

Organize for reasons that matter to you

Get energized!

Divide the dreadful into Micro-moments

Take advantage of organizational moments

Think like a restaurant server



Learn to avoid:
-getting off track
-getting stuck
-going into micro-focus

If you want to "add", you have to "subtract"

so that is the first part!

I invite and challenge you to think of ONE thing in your life/home that is disorganized and bothering you... and to let us know how you plan on using the strategies I mentioned!

08-30-04, 04:59 PM
It is challenging to just pick one, but as you stated avoid overcomplicating so here it goes. I chose to tackle assisting my Add ten year old child with cutting back on the time spent on her homework. I believe that half of the battle is to acknowledge the problem so working with our Add makes sense to me and is somewhat affirming to my mindset at this time. I will keep in touch. This is my first time on any chat/post area on the web so I am quiet uncertain about the whole process. I chose to check into yours because of the name slowpoke. I really have issues with time management due to a perfectionistic attitude that is probably an effort to overcompensate for my years of attempting to cope with this condition/disease! So with that wish me luck in my plans to teach my child time management skills. We'll learn together I guess, that can be pretty energizing to a ten year that their 34 year old mom is struggling right along with her. Thanks for your post.....

10-13-04, 08:40 PM
Actually I have quite alot of issues to manage at the moment. But for now, let me just start with one, I think is what I should be doing but due to lack of management of time and enjoyment it stops me.

I keep focus to maintain jogging daily or regular by keeping a diary on when I must go jogging and perhaps some forms of rewards when I am done. Not sure..

I keep engagement by listening to radio while I am jogging because I love music. Keeping it that way I forget about the pain of jogging.

Waking up early and have sufficient time to prepare myself for jogging. I catch the right mood to jog by thinking positively of the benefits I will receive from excercising regularly. I remembered how stress I can be when I don't have a regular excercise plan, so I am doing this to improve my mind and health.

I try not to get stuck or procrastinate my jogging by erm? keeping it a habit? Not sure :) I think it will be great if I make it a habit so that whatever comes cannot really be stopping me.

The rewards is good. I feel mentally alert and more happy due to the production of more happy hormones, neurotransmitters in excercising. It strengthens my lungs and immune system as I had a long history of asthma attacks. But not to worry, I am perfectly fit to do excercises. I had also PMS, I see how excercises can help me relieve PMS. I think of this rewards and keep myself on the track to getting my goal. I keep thinking positively and not let myself get side tracked with stupid excusese I conjure from my mind.

Lastly, without much wasting of time, it is time to go jogging :)