View Full Version : Tic Relief (Tourettes Syndrome)

09-21-03, 04:52 PM
What meds have you found useful in the management of Tics? Or do you just let em go! I seem to be plagued with tics when I am alone and driving and I must be a bit of a comedy behind the wheel as I twitch and make jerking actions. Understand, I do nothing to endanger myself or others on the road.

I take antidepressants (Paxil CR) for another side of my problems so I need something that doesn't clash. Actually there are some warnings with Strattera on the simultaneous use of it with Paxil CR. (I am taking 120mg of Strattera).

I take Zyprexa to help with the tics and have Xanax available as well. The doc thought it was wise to avoid the stimulants and chose Strattera for my Adult ADD as it would exascerbate the tics.

Good luck and God bless.