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10-12-05, 07:48 PM
I really liked Tara's idea on her website about 5 just 5--you can do 5 things, just 5. That 27-fling boogie of flylady's is inconceivable to me and discourages me, but 5 sounded pretty good. So I decided to try it, but actually have only done one or two things in the past week. Thank goodness for my husband. Anyway, I still think about that and hope to implement it. Maybe starting with 1 just 1, and gradually getting better.

Also came across this posting about a 19-minute cleaning routine--for the entire house! That's my kind of housekeeping.,21770,1020737,00.html

It's on Real Simple but I don't hold that against it. Don't really expect to ever do it within this lifetime, but maybe I can get there someday. Maybe it's from flylady--they say that if your sofa is messed up the living room will never look organized, like flylady's kitchen sink rule. Or inspired by flylady--they do mention her.

Does it look reasonable? It would be a big improvement for me. Of course it assumes that everything is already reasonable, but maybe using this as a starting point would help me.

Maybe just doing one room per day, using this list, to start with. Seems achievable.

Anyway, I thought it might help someone else. I'm going to go try to do the routine for one room now.

10-12-05, 09:38 PM
If I cleaned only one room a day, it would just be a disaster again the next day, so that wouldn't do me any good.
The cleaning trick I came with is to set an amount of time - a short amount like 10 or 15 minutes - to clean. During that time I go like a madwoman, getting as much done as I can like a whirlwind. When the time is up I MUST STOP. If I want to do more I first take a break (smoke a cigarette or drink a cup of coffee) and then set another 10 - 15 minutes and go at it again.
If I chose to write an e-mail or watch some tv for my break, I'd never get back to cleaning. The break has to consist of something that doesn't last long.
I have OCD, so I easily get lost in tasks while cleaning. I've been known to start cleaning and spend the entire day obsessively perfecting a teapot while the rest of the house is in tatters. I have a problem with prioritizing, that's why the short time limit helps me so much - I catch myself obsessing on something with the pressure of the clicking timer bearing down on me, and move on quickly.
It's strange....I'm so happy when I'm obsessing.....
Anyway, that works for me and I get an amazing amount done in a short time.
Playing your favorite music (nothing classical! It's got to match your rhythm with a fast beat) while your cleaning helps too.
One thing I noticed when I was rearing small babies is that the dining room table either makes or breaks a house's cleanliness. If nothing else - throwing the tabletop clutter into a box, stuffing box in closet, throwing on table cloth and (this is important) a bouquet of flowers makes the whole house seem cleaner. I don't know why. It's like magic. :D
My mother used to say that you can judge a woman's house cleaning by her sink backsplash. Don't ask me. I don't know. Lol! But it always stuck with me!
As far as the link you posted... their cleaning times are so short because they left most of what I have to do out! It only takes them 4 1/2 minutes to clean the kitchen but they didn't count the time it takes to do the dishes! Or mop! (I ALWAYS have to mop the kitchen! Kids + drinks = sticky floor).
I do a lot more in every room they mentioned. They left out a lot. Maybe it's my obsessing, but I wouldn't consider my house even 1/2 done if all I did was what they did.
But then again...there are those days where I don't even get done what's on their list.
I remember years ago when I was at a friend's house and some family services person called to say she'd be over in a few minutes (because she had just divorced her husband and got custody of their daughter so they were checking up on her). Well, her house was a disaster and she FREAKED so we ran around the house like CRAZY WOMEN! She gathered a bunch of junk from the livingroom and stuffed it in the oven! She threw bath toys under the couch cushions! Lol! It was hilarious. I guess we could use that as a cleaning method! ;)

01-04-06, 04:25 PM
"Squeegee the shower door"...why am I ROTFLOL at that one?

I mean, other than the fact that I have a curtain and not a door on my shower.

The rest of it is good, though.

01-12-06, 08:51 AM
I can't do complicated claening stuff...if it bothers me I clean it if it bothers Gary he cleans it!!!!!

Gary blamed our pets for being hard on the vacuum roller thingies but both (one cat one dog) have short hair!!!! My hair is three and 1/2 feet long at least Gary's is about 12-18 inches.....

I was talking to a friend who was telling me one of his relatives spent $4,000 on a Hoover...for $4,000 I would want to be able to slap a license plate on it and drive it down the road..that is more expensive than the car I presently drive.

There are certain things that bother me pretty fast like I cant stand having to dig thru piles of shoes to find a pair....I like my shoes "pre paired" I adopted a small short shelf to use as shoe shelf....when shoes out grow self and area behind I begin getting rid of shoes.

Sorting socks against my religion period.

I cleaned my work bag to day because every time I wanted to get some thing out of it I had to dig through piles of papers then the papers would spill out and I would have to stuff the papers back in....ugg it bugged me so I fixed it......

I have a trash can in every room...pencils pens in cups, I keep things simple accordion files so I open file find folder chunk paper under proper folder title and shut file....when junk mail goes beyond one pile on dinning room table I chunk it all out....

magazines live on coffee table until read or one month goes by then they are taken to shelf in bathroom...keeps folks from having to resort to reading the ingredients of deodorants, powders, nail polish remover. Article of interest are filed much the same way my paper work fast and simple, tear out (the tare out process alone decrease what is litigable enough to save by at least 50%) and put in basket.....I have three the one with the oldest articles gets chunked....unless you read a mountain of magazines these article can be over three years old....Special interest have note books, articles about ADD stuff go in there.....immediately before they get to the bath room shelf phase. I put three magazines in I remove the three oldest without looking at any thing but the dates on the out side…..

I noted my clutter basket on the dinning room table needs cleaning. clutter basket has to go /delivery food menus, scratch paper, owners manuals for kitchen appliances, receipts, empty bags I recycle (clean cat box use small pharmacy bags to place waste in so I can immediately carry out and not waste trash bag) and plastic silver ware and condiments from restaurants and take out. When it gets too full I de-clutter trash appliance manuals to stuff that no longer works or otherwise no longer here, food menus that have changed colors but are free of food particles, receipts with out grease, flour, or smudges. ect. I do not even look at the menu or receipt if I have not used it in the six months it takes for the basket to fill I never will. All condiments packages get trashed not matter what.

Just like I never try on cloths I haven't worn in over a year before giving away...if I haven't worn it out it goes!!!! I NEVER try de-clutter kids room and getting rid of too small clothes with them there!!!!! If you think about stuff to much you will end up keeping if you are a clutter bug…it runs in my family. I try to keep certain “clutter items” in limited sized containers or areas. The limited size becomes to full then it becomes time to get rid of what has not been used!!!!!

I no longer have kids that live at home this helps a lot…but I do love with the king of clutter pack rat extraordinaire. He wants to keep printers that no longer work. he may fix them (I may sprout wings too), or give them to charity (okay the poor can get broken stuff for free without our help. Beside a broken printer is equally as useless to the poor as it is to me ) I have to resort to throwing these items away in small sections or pieces. I have to be home to take trash to curb….I have been working evenings it took me a month to get rid of my broken printer piece by piece …now Gary’s broke last week He already bought him a new here I go again with the printer pieces!!!