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10-12-05, 10:21 PM
I am so frustrated, I was doing a good Job. I had to stop taking my ritalin for 2 months while I was on other medication, and during that time my perfomance and ability to function went to the way side now I am out of work, wife is pregnant, she is off work, and we are behind on bills big time from when I was going thru chemo before. Any help for us? Anyone know of any help?

Jeff Jones
in Grand Rapids:confused:

10-13-05, 12:20 AM
Ok, just wondering if you guys have unemployment insurance there???

Do you have something like disability allowances???

These first two might be either state or federal.

In our town, I know that financial/budget groups work with people in financial trouble to help sort out their bills and debts so they are easier to pay. Can you get to the Grand Rapids City Hall and ask about this?

Hope this helps


10-21-05, 06:37 AM

There are places you can go (ask at unemployment) where the state will find you jobs, especially since you are covered under the Disabilities Act. They'll even work with you to help with finances for additional education.

There are options.