View Full Version : Blue Mountains - groups, therapists, hello!

10-14-05, 09:48 AM
How isit? just been diagnosed with adhd, and looking for a good therapist in the Blue Mountains and perhaps an adult adhd group somewhere in Western Sydney. I know there is one in Castle Hill, would be nice if there was a group closer. I'm kinda interested in meeting other people who have this...personality type (sounds better than disorder) The only adult I'm aware of meeting was a girl I went out with 5 years ago. Thinking about her now, she was pretty severely hyperactive and inattentive. I just wrote her off as being nuts and dropped her (nicely) fate's a funny thing, with me being diagnosed last week! Anyway, like I said I'd like to meet some other people, especially adhders who are a little/very offbeat in some way...I definatley value my eccentricities.
A bit about me:
aged 35, youth worker, anarchist, or bleeding heart liberal (to the Americans) love subversive art, music and film, deep thinker (cant stop thats my problem!) black humoured, generally a plesant guy to be around. S..t this is sounding like an ad for personals - Ok enough rambling, anyone would think i've got ADHD!

look forward to any corrospondance, or write me! as the Americans say.